Picture of iPod Wall Mount
My wife likes to watch something on her iPod before going to bed. To make it easier for her, I made this wall mount which allows her to slide the iPod out for charging.

Step 1: Prepare 4 Strips

Picture of Prepare 4 Strips
01B - Cut.jpg
01C - Sand.jpg
01D - Burn.jpg
Purchase a 3-foot corner guard from your local Lowe's (or any) hardware store. These are long, transparent pieces of plastic.
  1. Mark and cut the corner guard into 4 pieces of equal length longer than the iPod.
  2. Sand the ends of cut pieces.
  3. Burn the ends slightly to make them transparent.
nice, is this mounted on the ceiling then?
vreinkymov (author)  amandaghassaei3 years ago
It's mounted on the wall.