Introduction: IPod Earbud Holder Out of Used Tape Dispenser

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Dont your iPod cables always get tangled after leaving it in open? Dont they get dirty too? Well heres a solution that works for a lot of you
A TAPE DISPENSER! as a holder
You need:
tape dispenser

Step 1: Get Old Tape Dispenser

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Just wrap the earbuds around the tape roll, then snap it in
The fat plastic ones work the best
The rolls prevent the cable from breaking of abrasion, so it protects the cable too

Step 2: Finish!

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Now youre DONE!


crockman1 (author)2011-11-28

you could make it easier to use by putting in a crank maybe? i see how it could be done! if you put a little wheel against the back with some elastic pressure and a crank for it, you can wind it up mad quick!

a cookie (author)crockman12011-11-28

Thats a great idea! and maybe something to line the wrapping, so it doesn't get tangled in the wrapping process

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