Ever wish you could call and text on your nifty iPod Touch?
With just 2 apps, you can completely turn your iPod to a iPhone with no monthly cost.

** This will ONLY work in a Wi-Fi area. this will not substitute a mobile cell-phone in anyway, so only expect it to be used at-home or at that computer-illiterate person's home who hasn't pass-protected their Wi-Fi. **

This is handy for replacing a home-phone or helping save on prepaid cell-phone minutes, though.
Or if you lose your phone. Which happens to me more then a lot.

Step 1: Calling - VoIP

With the VoIP app, you can make local call for no charge at all, and even international charges aren't  expensive at all. In fact, the majority of us doesn't even make international calls. Even the app costs nothing, so you have nothing to lose if you don't like it!

App name: iCall free VoIP
Company: iCall inc.
Cost: FREE
Space required: 1.9mb

** NOTE:  Only iPod 3G have built-in microphones. If you have a 1G or 2G iPod Touch, you have to buy a microphone that fits in the headphone jack. You can buy a nice one at RadioShack for only about $10 though. **

Other apps that work: TextPlus with Voice handy, becuase it also features texting.
<p>Top Best Mobile VoIP Service Provider</p><p>How Does VoIP Mobile App Works?</p><p><a href="http://www.themobileupdates.com/app/top-best-mobile-voip-service-provider/" rel="nofollow">http://www.themobileupdates.com/app/top-best-mobile-voip-service-provider/</a></p>
<p>I use the iPod Touch as my primary phone and have blogged about it here:</p><p>https://funksjon.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/yes-the-ipod-touch-can-replace-your-phone/</p><p>TL;DR: The 2015 iPod Touch is a cheap, worthwhile upgrade to the iPhone 4s, with certain limitations. Apple&rsquo;s Continuity feature allows you to call and text on your iPod, using your iPhone as a bridge.</p>
Umm i have a question for the app void do u have credits or it is permanently useful with a num. And if the ipod already comes with a texting apple app cause i am getting the 5th generation
<p>I have Skype installed on PC, but I use it mainly to talk for free. Otherwise I use the Smartgroschen. They have a small top-up starts from 0.89 Euro, so just enough to use from time to time.</p>
<p>Instructions are very straightforward. Easy to understand. Well done!</p><p>There is a another option for Wi-Fi (voip) phone service: Fongo.com (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and desktop). This one works in Canada. You can call (and receive calls from) landlines/cells within the free area (Over 700 cities in Canada). Once registered (also free), you get your own number. You can also make and receive free calls worldwide from other Fongo members. </p>
Great &quot;ible&quot;. I just wanted to point out that some older iPods Touch cannot be upgraded to the minimum iOS required to install the apps. I haven't yet tried them all, but so far Google Voice app and Talkatone require iOS 4.3 or later while my ipod touch is stuck at 4.2.1. Okay, I just confirmed that TextPLUS also requires iOS 4.3. Well, it's great for everyone with the newer iPod Touch. I'm out of luck. D:
You can do this all completely free with the ability to RECEIVE calls if you sign up for a Google Voice account and then use the Talkatone app this will allow you to send and receive calls.<br><br>If you install the Google Voice app also then you will be able to send and receive text messages on your Google Voice number.
Talkatone is the way to go with a Google Voice account. You can call from anywhere in the world to US and Canada thru WiFi or 3G if you don't have to pay for roaming. <br><br>The Google voice app can be used for SMS messages as well as the Talkatone app.<br><br>I have been using this method for over a year now on my iPhone 3gs, iPad 2 and iPod touch. As long as you have a good WiFi connection, it will work. Used the free WiFi at Seattle Airport and it worked like a charm.
This will NOT ONLY work at-home.<br><br>Actually you can turn your iPod touch into a WiFi phone even on the go by using a 3G mobile hotspot (MiFi), and I'm using the fastest ZTE MF60 3G hotspot right now. Google it
A silly question for you...<br /> Where is the microphone on an iPod Touch?<br />
I don't know the answer to your question, however lots of games for the iphone and ipod touch use microphones (ocarina comes to mind), so I assume there is a mic SOMEWHERE?!?<br /> <br /> Otherwise, I'm sure that a handsfree kit for the iPhone could be integrated into an ipod touch???
if you bought an ipod touch 3g they come with a mic built into the headphones...at least mine did and i bought it at walmart
No mic, you have to purchase an external one.<br />
Only the iPod Touch 4G has a built-in microphone.
does the TextNow App work in Ireland?:)<br />
Yup. I use it. I'm in Limerick.
does it work in all country's?
Text Free also works great for texting on iTouch. It's $6 for a year of service but it's very reliable.<br />
nice but can you call land lines with it?<br />
&nbsp;the mic (at least on the 3g touch) is on the included earubds.&nbsp;

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