In this Instrucable I use an old 3rd- or 4th-generation iPod Classic, with a broken hard drive. Useless... or is it?

So far, I have been unable to make a design that doesn't involve carrying around a screwdriver, paint can opener, crowbar, iPod opener, etc. Feel free to tell me your ideas—and please do!

UPDATE: Nickels put into the dock port and pushed can open it and pop tops (the tabs found on soda cans) work, although they bend a little.

Step 1: Open It

For this you will probably need an iPod opener. Insert it into the seam, pushing them apart about a millimeter, and slide it slowly down the side. Repeat for each side until open. I find usually that the dock end is best left for the last side.*

When you take one half off, don't be afraid to break any wires**. You'll be gutting it all anyway.

*Sorry I don't have many pictures, I wrote this after-the-fact.
**Unless, of course, you need them for the parts you want to salvage...
How does the money stay in.... Oh, never mind!<br /> Too bad i don't have an ipod for this!<br /> Would an mp3 work?
&nbsp;Yes, but with a few problems: it might be too small, for one, and there might be no way to open it without the dock connector. But other than <em>that</em>, I would expect so...<br /> <br /> And to get a broken iPod, just take a trip to the dump! They're there by the thousands... (jk)<br />
I live in a small town, and our dump is tiny!
&nbsp;I live in a smaller town, and we don't have a dump! (pop. about 1200)
You DO NOT live in a smaller town :P<br /> our population is 520 or something very close to that :P
&nbsp;Fine. But still, you have 1% of a dump, we have 0% of a dump. And if you want an iPod, write to Steve Jobs, C/O Apple, Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA.
He won't give me a broken ipod!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;...you wrote him a letter?
NO! But would he??
I wrote to him before on the subject of ibook g4s all he did was forward my letter to apple texas
&nbsp;What reason would he have to not give it to you?
LOL! (get it?)<br /> <br /> I just don't feel like emailing someone right this instant....<br />
&nbsp;...no. But anyway, (although it means paying postage) snail mail is usually more persuasive. :)
I see :)
&nbsp;But... what was the joke? &quot;LOL! (get it?)&quot;
Never mind, if you got it i might have to delete that comment.
&nbsp;...whatever. Can you rate 5/5 please? And vote for it on the 8th of march? (&quot;Beware the eights of March...&quot; jk :] jus' a little quoting there.)
I rated it 5 already :P
&nbsp;Thanx. ...did you get my pun (bad though it may be)?
? no, man
&nbsp;&quot;Beware the Ides of March&quot;
ides? eyes?? What???
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I'm born on the ides of march&nbsp;^.^<br />
&nbsp;Sweet :)
yopu could brobly use some velco to close it shut, with like a littel &quot;pillar&quot; thing in the middle hoding it together
&nbsp;Hmm... That would probably work very well, but how about the realistic iPod factor? (Please rate high!)
&nbsp;i tried it it works great! but quarters dont fit&nbsp;
&nbsp;Thanks! You tried... the whole instructable? BTW, I think nickels do work and the pop tops of soda cans do work, although they bend a little. Very inconspicuous!
Thanks for your kind comments. Especially coming from a competitor :)<br /> <br /> You did a great job yourself on this iPod wallet.<br /> The cool thing about this is that the iPod fits on your pocket just fine, so this iPod wallet is the perfect size to use as a wallet. Nice job.<br />
&nbsp;Oh, thank you!<br /> <br /> Have you come up with any ways to open it other than with a prying tool? (I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the Instructable, but I stick it in the dock hole and push up on the white part.)<br />

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