If you use a small notebook, you may be able to fit the device and notebook in your pocket and a small pen...you can still write in the first half of the notebook! I plan to use this as a travel game book to play tic tac toe and hangman in the first half of pages and the second half holds my iPod touch if I don't have a friend with me :D

Step 1: Materials

-A small book or notebook at least an inch wider and longer and twice as thick as your device. It's better if you use the smallest notebook possible so you can still carry your device around in your pocket :) -A pencil -Scissors or knife, whichever suits you (believe it or not I used a penknife :D ) -Liquid glue -Your device to measure
Nah, if you have the patience it'll take less than half an hour.
Cool, but takes too much time
Na. The cardboard's too thick...good idea though
Cut a hole in the back and you can take pictures.
No I'm not...I'm those kinda wimpy kids who're scared of teachers and always do their homework lol...
You could use it to text in class

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