IRobot Create Death Machine


Introduction: IRobot Create Death Machine

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Today, I'm going to show you how to create an iRobot Create Death Machine.

WARNING: This project is very dangerous. Do not attempt this project without all possible safety precautions. You may be killed by this machine if you wonder into it's path.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • One iRobot Create
  • One VERY pointy stick, or pencil
  • Tape
  • Laser pointer (optional - for aiming)

Step 2: Assembly

Carefully place the pencil on top of the iRobot as shown. Tape it down with two or more pieces of tape.

Step 3: Unleash the Fury!

Turn the robot on, and let it roam on your setting of choice. Be warned, keep loved ones out of the area while the robot is stalking it's prey. As seen in the video, I narrowly dodged my death by robot.



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    Man, did that thing hurt! The things I do for instructables...


    i almost fell out of my chair when it doubled back "fo rthe kill"

    Replace the pencil with a powerful laser and you'll have a robot that can burn your house down.

    1 reply

    or the laser maglight :) DIE FIDO! DIE!!!

    i know you're not going to win this competition....mainly because this is junk...but secondly (and more importantly) because there are actual irobot instructables posted why waste time on making a video of this?

    11 replies

    You might notice that this is the second irobot instructable i've made.

    shoulda stopped at the first :P

    We'll see who's talking when you're attacked and only have a create, a really point stick, and a few pieces of tape to defend your self with.

    hehe the irony is that you'd probably do more damage to your attacker by chucking the robot at him...with or without the pencil hehehe

    ah, but with this, you can set it down and run...the attacker will be afraid to chase you in fear of their own lives.

    Why is this moron insulting the Death Machine! what if it attacked him??

    lets extend this chain

    ok im starting now
    off topic commentz welcome