Picture of iRobot Create Personal Home Robot
Introducing a personal home robot built around the iRobot Create platform and a mini-itx computer system.

It has never been easier and more affordable to design and build robots by leveraging the economies of scale from the software, PC, toy and other high volume consumer industries.

This robot was created to show people that with a bit of imagination and ingenuity, robots can be used for real useful work around the home to make our lives more convenient and entertaining.

This project also provides a platform for understanding and experimeting with the integration of mechanical, electrical and software systems. Exploring robotics is a wonderful way for future Engineers to gain the skills and hands on experience to become great Engineers.

Step 1: System Diagram

Picture of System Diagram
Let's get to the point. Here's what the personal home robot can do so far:

- retrieve water
- water plants
- fill a dog water bowl
- control a VCR and TV
- turn lights and other appliances on/off
- play music
- dance and entertain
- provide mobile video security for the home
- remind the elderly to take medicine

and much more in the works!
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cadams213 years ago
I think that's to risky i mean to have a machine running with that much tech in it i would fear that the water could land on the machine there for ruining it.
How does it recognize when water is filled ... or detect that the substance is water at all? What if it were another liquid?
Yes, what if somebody put GASOLINE in the bucket instead. Then the robot would actually be able to take over the world, by burning everything!
It can even cover up a U.F.O. crash!...no...wait... that's the Army's job.
tinker2344 years ago
oh looks like a dalek
tinker2344 years ago
hey could you make it do dishes i hate doing dishes
Spannerz4 years ago
Hehe, I love the '4 AA Batteries' part xD
MovieMaker4 years ago
This is a Great Project! But, where is the code??? :-(
SonicX 224 years ago
where did you buy this/how did you make this?
urwatuis5 years ago
use a automotive telescoping antenna inside the hollow tripod leg for motorized up down control.
zeon5 years ago
that plasitc bowl works very well and looks very professional lol
area365 years ago
Hey does anyone know how to make a water retrieving robot?
aseaheru5 years ago
spy rc?
macwhiz5 years ago
Steve435605 years ago
Great job on designing & building your cute 'lil bot! - What company did you get the Universal TV / X-10 remote board from? Or is it your own design?
Inmor6 years ago
Bet you could dress that up to look like Baba fett. Lol
Actually, that's the first thing I thought when I saw this instructable!
wow looks like the military should realy consider you how did you do the programing
robotman076 years ago
Great job so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does the robot visually recognize the bowl? What if I were to put a hat on the floor?
u would prabably get a wet hat
My cat used to have a blue litterbox in my old room whenever me and my wife came to visit my mom, now she pee's in anything nearing the realm of square plastic blue. Point being that it doesn't need to be that clever to mimic really clever yet basic intelligence. great job!
weasel9996 years ago
its arm is kinda wobly
dude wtf. that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!!!! IF you were to sell it you would make thousands. but seriously that is F***ING amazing you are one talented person. :D

P.S. i also like to take stuff apart lol.
engineer_017 years ago
You must have a lot of time on your hands and a lot of cash in your pocket to make this...this thing. LOL nice job its pretty cool though. Kudos
dttworld (author)  engineer_017 years ago
I have neither of both. Renovating two houses, taking classes, commuting 2 hours, full time job, active dog, etc.... but I find the time to squeeze in doing cool things even though I'm barely floating above water.
WHAT 2 houses ?? thats rich and u can afford to renovate both and also 2 hours of work ??? thats not alot i dont know about the dog
Commuting means traveling to work.
sorry about that English is not my first language and I am only 14
Further information of the software used would be excellent! Great work!
Very nice R2 Unit you have there ... auto-telescoping would have been an excellent addition.
Fasteners6 years ago
cool stuff
i just read the entire thing what is the point of not telling us how to make it? i would do this instructable you could just break it into like lets say 10 instructables ,irobot part 1 ,irobot part 2 and so on...
newber_dan7 years ago
umm, do you actually tell us how to build this in this instructable? i wanna make one, it would be soo cool, so if you could tell us that would be awesome. also is the robot controlled via computer? one more question.... how much did the project cost you in total? sorry i lied last one, where did you purchase your parts?
err...doesnt it say in the guide how to make it?
pavanhurkat6 years ago
hey this is awsome project 2 make..... can anyone tell me how ,much it is going 2 cost??? n i am having difficulty in programming it?? which language should be used?? please reply....God bless all of u!!! :)
how thus the toially making of i robot costs
hai friends - this is amazing and fantastic. request someone to help me - i am not a electronic buff, i am good at mechanical stuff, i need someone to help me advice on exactly what are the items that are used, how to connect them and what software, hardware are to be bought and used. I am residing in india. Can some one please help me advice on the electronic stuff vmy name is sandeep
pengyduck7 years ago
It's r2d2 in real life! awesome project by the way.
Lebanite7 years ago
Awesome robot! I have been wanting to do something similar for a while. It's a little work but it would be pretty cool if there was some sort of servo-pulley system so that the tele-op camera mast could raise or lower by its self on command.
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