Picture of iSaber
         iSaber. A intergalactic device at a revolutionary price. The iSaber is the first of its kind. Some of its great features include the Jedi Archives, the Parts Store, the mobil-R2 unit, the Holocron, the Hologram transmitter, the Crystal Store, and the new Power Cell monitor. The new Synthetic Crystal cuts like no other. The price is even more amazing. Starting at 499.99 Republic Credits. (You might not find the iSaber at Watto's) Designed by Apple on Coruscant. Assembled on Geonosis.

this is not useful sorry

Tazmjm691 year ago
It turned out nice, but I thought the whole point of instructables was to show others how you made something. It would be nice to know how you did it.
enelson82 years ago
which ios does it run on?
1_Steve_Jobs (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
ios Falcon
I love it!