The iStab is a 3D printed iPhone cover which has a folding knife along one edge, producing a blade whenever you might need one. This phone case is "cutting edge", and is designed as an exploration in conceptual 3D printed weapons.
The models I based this idea from are free, and the programs needed edit the 3D files are also free: Netfabb and MeshMixer.

The iStab is a great way to keep a cutting implement on hand at all times. This can be used as a weapon for self-defense for the next time you're in a knife-fight like Michael Jackson in Beat It, or harmlessly used for everyday actions like opening packaging or cutting items to size. Forget highly-contentious 3D printed firearms and flimsy iPhone knuckle dusters, the iStab has you covered for all your cutting needs.

Here's what I used to make my iStab:

  • 3/16" (5mm) rivets
  • scrap of felt
  • scrap plastic
  • Dollar Store paring knife
  • 3D models: folding knife + iPhone case  (both free) 
  • Meshmixer  (free)
  • Netfabb  (free)
  • rotary tool
  • riveter
  • access to 3D printer

Blades such as the one shown in this project are considered weapons by law enforcement. This project is provided for educational use only and should not be replicated.

Step 1: Find Models

I found a folding knife and iPhone case model for free on Thingaverse:
If you've downloaded .STL files you'll need to convert them to .OBJ files before you can edit them. After you've found the models you want open each model separately in Netfabb and export as an OBJ file:  Part > Export Part > As Wavefront OBJ. Next, we'll combine the models in MeshMixer.
<p>Even though i love the inventiveness of this, it is quite dangerous!</p>
<p>superbbbb idea...love it </p>
<p>Superb idea, unusual things for self defense &lt;3</p>
<p>Superb idea, unusual things for self defense &lt;3</p>
<p>Hmmmm i dont get it this.....who gonna needed......waste idea and materials negative creativity.....no voted</p>
<p>your a d@#$ this is great. if not hillarious...</p>
<p>Great idea! Why didn't any mobile company came to this earlier? :)</p>
<p>change the name Istab u.</p>
<p>Great Tutorial, amazing idea :D</p><p>Might be a problem going through airport security... :P</p>
<p>this is why we can't have nice things</p>
<p>not sure if is a good idea or a bad idea.... but i have to admit that the name is really funny :)</p>
<p>Thanks for posting something obviously contravetial, that shouldn't be.</p>
<p>what model iPhone?</p>
<p>Neat idea, BUT... never, EVER claim or state that you are carrying ANY item for &quot;self defence&quot; purposes; it can and will land you in trouble with law enforcement as it indicates you are carrying a &quot;weapon&quot; with the intent to use it. </p>
<p>Says a lot about what them carrying weapons mean, doesn't it... </p>
<p>Just going to say it's perfectly ridiculous to call this for &quot;educational purposes&quot; since usually one educates oneself about things they're going to do/use.</p>
<p>A &quot;Knife&quot; is a culinary instrument, no matter how you cut it!!!!</p>
<p>Very innovative, well done :) May I suggest though, perhaps a change of name to something less 'alarming' might be in order? How about the 'iSlice' or simply the 'iKnife'? The term 'iStab' is a touch confrontational :(</p>
<p>Awesome, well documented idea. Good concept, voted! :D</p>
<p>Nice, but not good for air travel.</p>
<p>OK Good concept, and it would be safer if it would lock open like a true Lock Blade vs a Jack Knife? Any way to do that? Wouldn't want to cut your fingers in a fight.</p>
<p>Now you just need to get it to connect electrically with the phone, so you can use the iStab app to flip it out.</p>
<p>I prototyped a Swiss Army iPhone a while back. I first tried making a 3D printed version, but just wasn't happy with the quality of it. I then designed a more functional version in CAD (cardboard-aided-design) which really worked rather well. I was planning on pursuing it further, but by that time the one on TheTaskLab.com had came out.</p>
<p>I made a similar case. I named it after i was done. The &quot;IstabMyself&quot; </p><p>You should make one for larger phones. The &quot;Imachete&quot;</p><p>great idea, great job</p>
<p>For Ipad maybe? :)</p>
omg i love this!
But why?!? For Satan's glory of course
good product for a gangster lol
<p>You should do one on how to reattach severed human ears ;-) Can you hear me now?</p>
<p>I elect you as the guy who figures out how to combine all the things I want on my phone into one functional case. Knife, bottle opener, credit card holder, flashlight, wall charger flipout plug, and extra battery. 1 down, 5 to go. There's lots more room in that case. I'd never thought of using the sides either. Pretty clever!</p>
<p>Just be careful to not stab your face while anwsering the phone</p>
<p>oh my God, finally someone has done this. Wonderful, if I ever get a 3d printer this will be the first thing I print.</p>
<p>I look forward to the iPad model. For that extra long knife :)</p>
Shut up and take my money!
<p>I love this so much. But out of laziness I'm probably going to use a dollar store phone case and hot glue a switchblade onto the side. </p>
Impressive !<br> <br> BTW with the IQ of flight security won't pic-up on it.<br> <br> And if they get curious tell them it's increasing reception antenna ;-)
Wow!!! Pretty bold creation! Don't try taking that on an airplane...great job! :)
Something called &quot;iStab&quot; has an educational purpose? LOL! YOU ARE AWESOME, MAN!!! Nice instructable! :-)

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