Aqui les dejo una cosa que se me ocurrio mientras buscaba una solucion para llevar mi iPod Touch con comodidad y de forma digna (aunque no se si al final quedo muy digno). Se trata de una funda para el iPod Touch realizada con Duct Tape (cinta americana).

Yo buscaba una funda ideal, algo que me permitiera llevar el ipod en el bolso y que protegiera la pantalla de posibles aragnazos contra los demas objetos. Encontre alguna que otra funda en el mercado pero no me convencieron del todo. Asi que decidi crear una a mi gusto sacando ideas de otras cosas que he visto hechas con Duct Tape. Asi es como nacio la iTape.

Crear una iTape reciclando es lo mas barato, la unica inversion fuerte que puede tener es la funda de silicona que precisa si quieres que el iPod te quede bien seguro. Yo lo he hecho con un Touch, pero se puede hacer con cualquier otro modelo de iPod, incluido el Shuffle. Solo necesitamos unos cuantos materiales basicos y un poco de creatividad para personalizarla.

Step 1: Materiales

- Tapa de PVC
- Cinta americana (Duct Tape)
- Alfombrilla de goma (Rationell de IKEA por ejemplo)
- Un pequegno iman plano y una pieza de metal del mismo tamano o mayor
- Una funda de silicona (yo he utilizado una Belkin)
- Paciencia

Step 2: Confeccionar Las Tapas

Para empezar necesitamos de base unas laminas de PVC cortadas un poco mas grandes del tamano del iPod. Puedes utilizar el PVC de una tapa de algun cuadernillo que ya no utilices. No uses carton, ya que si le llegara algo de humedad se nos estropearia.

Una vez las tenemos cortadas al tamagno, empezamos a cubrirlas con la cinta americana. No hace falta cubrirla con muchas vueltas ya que luego tendremos que darle mas cinta.

Una vez tenemos las dos piezas preparadas las pondremos "haciendo sandwich" al iPod y tomamos las medidas para el lomo. Un lomo que haremos con una alfombrilla Rationell de IKEA. Yo he utilizado esta porque tenia en casa, pero si quieren reciclar alguna gomita que les venga bien, por mi perfecto.

Cortamos un trozo de alfombrilla teniendo en cuenta que tiene que medir el ancho del lomo mas un trozo por cada lado para poder sujetarlo a las tapas. Una vez mas con cinta pegamos el lomo a las tapas y asi ya nos queda el "librito". A la hora de pegarlo tengan en cuenta la curvatura que pueda tener el material del lomo para que tienda a cerrar y no a abrir.

Step 3: Interior

Ahora vamos a por el interior. Tenemos que pegar a las tapas la funda de silicona. La de Belkin es ideal porque trae por detras unos cortes "pasacintos" que nos serviran para pasar por ahi un trozo de cinta y asi pegarlo a la tapa interior trasera (ver detalle interior en la foto).

En la otra parte interior yo he puesto una lamina de fieltro para darle un acabado bonito y proteger mejor, si cabe, la pantalla del iPod.

Step 4: Cierre

Ya solo nos queda el cierre. Lo haremos doblando una tira de cinta a la mitad e introduciendo en uno de los lados el iman plano. En la parte trasera de la funda hubicaremos la pieza metalica que hara contacto con el iman para el cierre. Todo esto lo medimos y pegamos con cinta tambien.

Step 5: Decorar

Y bueno, ahora ya podemos decorarlo a nuestro gusto con pegatinas y cualquier otra cosa para que nuestro iTape sea una pieza unica.
I'm a gamer with a mac... bootcamp FTW!
Halo was reginaly designed for a mac
From Wikipedia: "Originally developed as a real-time strategy game for the Apple Macintosh platform, Halo: Combat Evolved went through several iterations before arriving at the console first person shooter for which it is recognized. When the developer was bought by Microsoft in 2001, the game was rapidly finished and became an Xbox launch title and platform exclusive." So, yea. It was first starting to be developed as a mac game but later was bought by Microsoft and was never released for mac but instead made for their Xbox. I keep getting emails from this post after a year...
You can get halo for the mac ( not shure about halo 2&3
I'm trying to stop getting emails from this...But yes your right. 2 and 3 are also not for mac, and 3 is only for xbox 360...
is it like an OCD thing where every email you get you have to go to the link enclosed and make a comment?
Seems, that way. :P I just don't get many emails so these are just constant...Ah well. Ironic I'm responding really...
Well....what else were ya gonna do? play WOW?
Ick, I hate games like WOW. (Goes and plays a good wholesome gory zombie blasting game...)
I thinks that would be tourettes.....
GAH i wish people would check the facts before they post....sometimes people THINK there right and they correct the person who actually is right!
Sigh, I did, *BUT*. I really don't care and only read about the first half of the entry so no. But it seemed from that part I read that it was not released for Mac. Frankly, I don't care, I just keep getting emails because almost this entire discussion is off comments, off my comment... Theres a lot of emails :P But eh, I was wrong, You win, I dont like Mac. You do, I dont like Halo, You do. Im out of this.
Dude. It was released for Mac. I own it for Mac. That's it, end of discussion.
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I don't want any more notifications from this thread, especially that stupid video of Hayden Christensen yelling "LIAR!". Please.
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Okay, the second half of the video's kind of funny.
Yeah, I know I said that above. I'm tired of getting emails from this. <sup></sup>That to me was the end of the discussion.<br/>
Never released for Mac? It was released simultaneously on the Mac, PC, and Xbox. I have the app to prove it. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.apple.com/games/articles/2003/11/halo/">http://www.apple.com/games/articles/2003/11/halo/</a><br/>
It's a fun game, originally developed for the mac, but also released on Xbox and PC. /thread
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpoMTIdo2yY">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpoMTIdo2yY</a><br/>
&quot;Originally developed as a real-time strategy game for the Apple Macintosh platform, Halo: Combat Evolved went through several iterations before arriving at the console first person shooter for which it is recognized.&quot;<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_(series)">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_(series)</a><br/>
id pull the "Anyone can edit wikipedia card" but i think a lie wouldnt make it through that many people.
What's funny is halo combat involved was regional more complex/powerful when it was designed for a mac they toned it down because the didn't think the xbox was powerful to run it (later after they released halo they discovered that the xbox had plenty of processing power and probably could have ran the game at it's full potential
Mac may be for some people but if i wouldnt have wasted my money on some brick that does half the job i wanted it to for twice the price of a computer my parents wanted me to waste my money on......well im gettin a dell.....If it doesnt work out then screw it! im goin cave man style!
But Mac's hardware sucks for it's price. You need to pay 2X for a Mac as compared to a windows machine.
Agreed. Funny story. I was just at the Mac store (NOT TO GET ONE) to get my grandmas fixed. Turns out the processor fried itself. What quality. She only had it for about a year and has brought it in twice. Not only was that screwed up but to fix it it cost $700. Now I told her $700 could buy you a pretty good PC. But no she fixed it. Since then she has brought it in two more times. Their stuff does suck.
wow....mom just got a new computer today...unfortunately its vista and so is her old computer that i hope to have but luckily i planned for this...i bought windows XP (:
lol, that works!
The worst thing is that any Apple product tends to brainwash the user into hating the others and insisting that Apple's products are the best. Something tells me that it's just because they found out they got swindled and their denial is getting to them...
they bolth have their strengths and weaknesses!!! SCREW COMPETITION JUST MERGE AND GET RID OF THE CONSTANT COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!!
If they merged you'd get Micropple, or Appsoft, which invokes disturbing images of computers filled with Fart Apps.
lol very true
I just installed it......and now i cant get the wireless to work ): i posted a question in the instructables ask section because Microsoft's help section is useless.....
Hey Conrad, I've had similar problems. I realized because it wasn't the factory-installed OS, the drivers weren't pre-installed. Try to look up your wireless hardware specs and then download the appropriate drivers on another computer, then transfer them with a flash drive or something. After that, search "wirless internet" on Windows "Help and Support". In the directions, there should be a link to "Connect to available wireless networks". Click that link to connect to the network of your choice. Hope that helped! dudeguy1234
Thats what i suspected but i wasnt sure how to transfer it......MANY MANY THANKS!!!! -Conrad
Mac pro w/ all the hi tec stuff put in it w other odds and ends like 30in dual screens can run up to 18 grand (you can bye a new fairly cheep car or a good motorcycle w/ that kind of money)
lucky bast***
But then theres one more step and Im Lazy!!! Plus I hate mac and apple even if I ran linux on one of their machines I'd much rather it be on a pc
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umm...... I have no idea what this says but it looks really durable
lol kinda funny that almost none of these comments have to do with the actual iPhone case.
IF YOU HAD A MAC!!! lol its in the dashboard under translator
Ah but so does windows. Which I recently found out :) Plus I'd rather have linux...
those DAMN ATTRACTIVE MAC ADS made me get a mac witch sucks.....

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