Ice Dog Treats





Introduction: Ice Dog Treats

This instructable will show you how to make cheap and easy dog treats that our furry friends love!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

all you need to make great dog treats is

a freezer (you probably have one)
an ice-cube tray
water or any fruit juice

(i use a small ice-cube tray because i have a very small dog)

Step 2: Preparing the Tray

this is an easy one just fill up the ice-cube tray with water, fruit juice or even milk. really anything your dog likes.

Step 3: Now Freeze!

just stick it in the freezer and wait an hour or two and then you have fresh delicious dog treats!

the fruit juice ice cubes will take longer at a lower temperature in order to freeze

Warning: these are occasion treats, not to be excessively used for risk of your dog getting dangerously cold, i would not feed more than 2 or 3 to your dog at a time



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    I often give my husky ice cubes with His own Daily food so His diet doesn't change.. During summer I give about a tray (big) a week...

    This is great I have never done juice icles but I have mashed up bannanas or apples and added then to water and put put them it ice trays and my dog loves them. Plus bannanas are good for most dogs in moreration. Lots of vitamins that are not in there diet. Mine gets little slices every now and then if he gets a upset stomach

    Nice. My dogs would love this in the summer. Not so much the winter

    great idea, my pup loves ice cubes.

    I have 3 larger dogs, one will come to the refrigerator and sit everytime Im making a cold drink and clean up the ice I drop on the floor, If I haven't been sloppy I'll give her an ice cube. For real cool treats I buy the cheapy hotdogs that are usually buy one get one free, they are still more expensive than dog biscuts but for a once or twice a week treat they are great and they actually chew on them not just gobble them down

    I am concerned about giving my dogs fruit juice ones. #1- I am afraid it will upset their tummies. #2- If it has fruit juice in it won't it get on the carpet as they are eating it?

    for the first concern, it will generally not upset their stomach, my dog eats weird stuff without getting upset, but your dog may be sensitive to fruit. secondly, if you are concerned about it staining your carpet you should go with a milder juice that would not stain, for example, apple juice

    . Neither of my dogs seem to like ice cubes. They will sometimes nose them across the floor and lap up the water. But I've never used cubes with fruit juice. Sounds like a good idea; I'll have to try it.

    how did the fruit cubes work out for you?

    . Haven't tried it, yet. I can't find my ice trays. I have an automatic ice maker and haven't needed a tray in many years. I may have given them to NachoDaughter when she moved out. I'll try to remember to buy one next time I go shopping.