I_have_just_pooped Stick Grenade




Introduction: I_have_just_pooped Stick Grenade

this is my first ever instructable. i dont know if you guys think its good but personally its quite good. im sorry if the pictures are i bit rubbish because i was like holding the grenade in one hand and camerararaingin the other hand. lol hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Pieces You Will Need!

the pieces you will need

-connetors ( i dont know how to spell)
red quater clips - 16
white circle clips - 6
yellow semi circles- as many as you can fit in the grenade
orange straight clips- 4

long grey rods - 1

small tan clip - 2
large rubber band - 1

Step 2: The Stick

just follow the pics
there dead easy step by step instructions.

1- the stick with the tan clip and the circle on
2- the red connector just slips in to the white circle. do this on all 8 slits
3- just showing you how to put them in

by the way when you add the red bits around the white bit you need to make 2 but save one for later

Step 3: The Middle Bit and Adding the Shrapnel Stuff

this is basically the middle bit.
i probably could of shown you in one step but i decided to learn to use this site and make them on different steps

1- andding the 4 white circles but putting then on alternate red connectors.
2- adding the orange stick connetors in the rest of the spaces. just add the same as the white ones.
3- adding the yellow half moon pieces into the centre

Step 4: Finishing It Off

you know that white piece with the red connectors i told you about. you add that to the top as shown in picture one.

picture 2- adding the tan clip on top
picture 3- the doubled over large elastic band going around the top

and picture 4 - the finished product

i hope you like it. go and hit stuff with it or just make loads of mess seya i hope i will be making more stuff soon



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    for knex wars just make some of these and whenever someone comes up to you smack them with one of these

    S***nel. You just pooped it, so...

    On the instructable name it sounds like you have just pooped out a stick grenade, Lol :P If You did,I have to admit, that would be pretty cool lol x] Anyway cool instructible...

    cool grenade 4*s also nice name XD

    you should try cleaning the grenade before throwing it if you have just pooped it

    oh yea next i gonna make this i dunno how to make the clip work but ill think of sumit ( its called the famas)