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hey do you not like ipod earphone cords hanging in the way? well this simple hoodie mod is for you all you need is

*a knife
*a hoodie (pull over)
*an ipod (or other hand held portable media playing device)
*earphones (or headphones)

Step 1: Get the Stuff

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*a knife
*a hoodie (pull over)
*an ipod (or other hand held portable media playing device)
*earphones (or headphones)

Step 2: Cut

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cut a hole in the back of the pocket towards the top

Step 3: And Thats All

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put the jack end in through the hole from the inside of the hoodie


gunman15 (author)2011-04-12

i want one also plz

chipscolaman (author)2011-04-11

I want to get one. Lolz

DJ Radio (author)2010-09-20

I think you could get a little bit more advanced and make a velcro strap that straps the cord to the jacket. There's a company that made the earbuds stick out of the hood strings and did this.

ChuckTaylor97 (author)2010-04-23

 did you get the skin from

goeon (author)ChuckTaylor972010-07-20


portalturret2 (author)2010-07-13

pretty darn sweet.

goeon (author)portalturret22010-07-20


kameronk92 (author)2009-01-07

I did this in middle school when the teachers wouldn't let us listen to our iPods- we would string the earbuds through our sleeve and hold the buds to our ear

goeon (author)kameronk922009-01-07


mizzoufan96 (author)goeon2010-02-27

Yep thats how it works :P

goeon (author)mizzoufan962010-02-27


that is exactly wat i do u just rest your head on your hand and have the earphone in your ear and when the teacher walk by and tells u to sit up it comes out and goes in your sleeve

Chicken2209 (author)2009-01-07


goeon (author)Chicken22092009-01-07

what you say?

Chicken2209 (author)goeon2009-01-07

i dont get it

goeon (author)Chicken22092009-01-07

cut a hole in tha back of your hoodie pocket and put the fones in

J@50n (author)goeon2010-02-04

 haha. simple but effective!

goeon (author)J@50n2010-02-04


lilbrewdog (author)2009-07-26

this could work withe a zip-up hoodie, too...and you could put a gromet in the hole. :)

goeon (author)lilbrewdog2009-07-27

OooOOo a gromet would make this look great thanks

samanen (author)2009-06-06

HEY! how can i get skin, u said comment if you want one :-) so give me? :-D

goeon (author)samanen2009-06-07

jestertime (author)2009-05-19

or hows about wireless headphones.

goeon (author)jestertime2009-05-20

That would be AWESOM

mg0930mg (author)2009-04-07

it doesn't matter if it's zip-up or pull-over...

goeon (author)mg0930mg2009-04-14


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