Picture of ihoodie
hey do you not like ipod earphone cords hanging in the way? well this simple hoodie mod is for you all you need is

*a knife
*a hoodie (pull over)
*an ipod (or other hand held portable media playing device)
*earphones (or headphones)
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Step 1: Get the stuff

Picture of get the stuff
*a knife
*a hoodie (pull over)
*an ipod (or other hand held portable media playing device)
*earphones (or headphones)

Step 2: Cut

Picture of cut
cut a hole in the back of the pocket towards the top

Step 3: And thats all

Picture of and thats all
put the jack end in through the hole from the inside of the hoodie
gunman154 years ago
i want one also plz
I want to get one. Lolz
DJ Radio4 years ago
I think you could get a little bit more advanced and make a velcro strap that straps the cord to the jacket. There's a company that made the earbuds stick out of the hood strings and did this.
 did you get the skin from
goeon (author)  ChuckTaylor974 years ago
pretty darn sweet.
goeon (author)  portalturret24 years ago
kameronk926 years ago
I did this in middle school when the teachers wouldn't let us listen to our iPods- we would string the earbuds through our sleeve and hold the buds to our ear
goeon (author)  kameronk926 years ago
Yep thats how it works :P
goeon (author)  mizzoufan965 years ago
that is exactly wat i do u just rest your head on your hand and have the earphone in your ear and when the teacher walk by and tells u to sit up it comes out and goes in your sleeve
Chicken22096 years ago
goeon (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
what you say?
i dont get it
goeon (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
cut a hole in tha back of your hoodie pocket and put the fones in
J@50n goeon5 years ago
 haha. simple but effective!
goeon (author)  J@50n5 years ago
lilbrewdog5 years ago
this could work withe a zip-up hoodie, too...and you could put a gromet in the hole. :)
goeon (author)  lilbrewdog5 years ago
OooOOo a gromet would make this look great thanks
samanen5 years ago
HEY! how can i get skin, u said comment if you want one :-) so give me? :-D
goeon (author)  samanen5 years ago
jestertime6 years ago
or hows about wireless headphones.
goeon (author)  jestertime6 years ago
That would be AWESOM
mg0930mg6 years ago
it doesn't matter if it's zip-up or pull-over...
goeon (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago