Ikea Hack : How to Hack Bathroom Towel Rail for Your Kitchen





Introduction: Ikea Hack : How to Hack Bathroom Towel Rail for Your Kitchen

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I was looking for a rack just large enough for my spice & condiment stands, but I didn't manage to find it.

So I took a Grundtal tower rail, originally made for the bathroom, add to it a piece of openwork steel, and hung it few hooks : and here you are !

all the items on this picture are from Ikea actually :)

More pictures here : My flat In France

Step 1: Grundtal Towel Rack

get a grundtal towell rack and fix it on your kitchen wall

Step 2: Stell Openwork

place a piece of steel netting
adapt the size of the steel piece with scissors

Step 3: Finalise!

add some hooks and stands



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    How funny : in France these "BATHROOM" towel rails are sold as "KITCHEN" cloth rails !!!!!…
    (We -consumers- never win !!…)

    nice work but how do you attach the netting to the towel rack? and maybe you should add a supplies list

    2 replies

    I used wire fo attach the netting tothe towel rack. Actually you should be able to see it on photo2

    I would actually just add an extra pull/bar across, like in between the two steel bars. Something of the same color or material, wouldn't matter really though, well because... it's in the middle where it wouldn't be seen. Then you would have an extra bar to hang more things.

    Nice job! Though I'm afraid to say that this doesn't seem to qualify for the pocket contest ;[

    2 replies

    yes you're right, it won't fit in the pocket ;) i'm new to this site and i didn't understood what the contest was actually...

    the materials for this hack would fit in a pocket... welcome frootloose, do some more, yay!

    Awesome! That looks so cool, great pictures!

    great! fits in very well, and looks very smart!