Introduction: Ikea Picture Frame Leds

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In this instructable i show you how to fit leds in the frame and an idea what to do with it.

Step 1: Parts Needed.

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one ikea picture frame "gunnabo"
2 leds
pieces of wire
small piece of 1cm thick foam
and in my case a small Norwegian flag
battery holder
2 AA batteries.

Step 2: Taking It Apart and Drilling Holes

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First take apart the frame. inside you will find another small frame. Drill 2 holes for the 2 5 mm leds.

Step 3: Leds.

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solder the wires on to the leds. No need for resistors. And insert them into the holes.

Step 4: Personal Touch

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In my case i used a Norwegian flag.
Glue the foam to the cardboard frame and put the flag over the foam. Staple the cardboard frame and flag to the small frame. Trim the flag and push everything back in to the main frame.

Step 5: Last Step.

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Solder the wires,switch and battery holder together. Use plenty of hot glue.
Put some batteries in the back and flip the switch. tadaa....light. I used this flag but you can use it to light a picture etc.


ibenkos (author)2015-09-15

Norge! :)

Sleutel13 (author)ibenkos2015-09-15

haha selvfølgelig ??

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