ok first, i am only being more creative with littlemog92s bo shuriken instructable.
no comments from you losers who think i am copying!

holy crap! littlemog92 took off all his instructables!

Step 1: Cut to Length

first, get some 3/8" metal dowel, and cut it to about 6"-8" depending on the size of your hand.

Step 2: Sharpen and Quench

sharpen the metal rod to a long point.
a short tip will equal more frictin and less penetration

Step 3: Tassel (optional)

just tassel the string like on the original

Step 4: New Technique!=<)

ther is nothing wrong with the old throwing technique, i just improvised.

hold the needle with the bottom 3 fingers wrapped around and the thumb and index finger resting on the needle. if this is confusing look at the pic.

you swing your arm the same but this straitens the flight path

Step 5: Have Dangerous Fun!

throw at cardboard boxes, birds, and your little brother!

not really, dont throw them at people. one hit in a vital spot, and the target is dead
<p>I did it although I don't have a camera so no pictures I use my grand fathers bench grinder and a hacksaw super easy and really fun to throw</p>
but shuriken are in a star formation and senbon are in a needle formation and this instructable sure looks like a needle
<p>have you ever heard of the BO staff BO shuriken are the original form of star shuriken they were much easier and cheaper to produce than a star patterned one</p>
yea but a bo-shuriken aren't normal shurikens these r bo shurikens =P<br/>
bo- shuriken are actually the original ones
its called a BO SHURIKEN hello!
they are bo shuriken, bo shuriken are the kind of needle-dart ones and ordinary shuriken are the star ones
si,senor! now we are learning.
a those are shuriken and no they arnt senbon and senbon have 2 sharpend sides
any more wallet friendly ways, since i cannot afford a bench grinder or know anyone who would let me use it. would a metal file work? i have a course and a fine one. i know that might take a while, but i can be very patient. if i use the course one to make the general point, would i be able to make it sharp with the fine file?
Yeah, a file would work. it might speed things up to use a torch to heat the tip and then file it (metal is softer when it's hot). I got a torch from walmart for 15 bucks. Also, bench grinders aren't terribly expensive. Mine cost $50 and it works fine.
this step was not very helpful. i would be very grateful if you added some steps to this, part with the tassel. i only see string twisted around and i can not tell hot it is attached i see no knots. so if you can add steps to this i would much appreciate it.
urinary collection pro???
nice illustration :P YOU RULE M.S PAINT!!!
Those are Senbon needles.
dude, have you read ANY of these other comments?
a good bo-Shurkin is tanto pointed on four sides, those in a properly trained hand (not as shown above) can do serious damage play safe boys. and in intrest of my crediblity i am 8 years trained in Ninjitsu and Naruto is an insult to my art (but i love the show all the same!)
for those who don't watch naruto!? are you serious that is not a reliable source my friend, senbons are for silent killing, like a garrot wire. It is held horezontily between the thumb and fore-finger and is pushed into the juggler in a fast motion.
are'nt Bo shuriken more stake like?
where did you get the metal dowels
these look like senbons ( the jap needle things for you people who dont watch naruto) but the senbon are thinner and are sharpened on both sides, senbon are also commonly used as actupuncture tools and as some ninja would do is dip them in posin so the needles would be fatal........... wow that was quite a bit of writing...... for me anyway im 13
ohhhhhh one more thing fome me, sometimes senbons can be 1 sided, so i can see why some people think these are senbons
do u throw them or do you blow them out of a bambo pipe im confused i only know how to speak japanese not bloody use their weapons
throw them anyone can see that. he said to change it to your HAND size. and if you can speak it you should know the meaning of shuriken
ok but if you look they are thin so you could use them as a dart ok
yes, but thats not what you where confused about
can i try using a screwdiver, or is it ir-relivant
these aren't bo shuriken these are senbon
they are bo shuriken, not ordinary shuriken
thats wut i thought, but i did some research and thet have numerous names. 8P
were can i get a wet stone?
is there any other way to sharpen it
ya a steel file and a lot of time on your hands
:( i dont have i file ...
sand paper anyone
umm probably! i dont know, i used my dads grinder
for all you people who think these are senbon:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuriken">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuriken</a><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuriken">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuriken</a><br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senbon">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senbon</a><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senbon">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senbon</a><br/>
would you mind if i made another improvrd version out of hardened steel?
no that'd be fine. just credit me for the idea
heh, in the way these things happen, i've got a bigger, far more interesting project to handle ATM, but i'll get round to it, and i'll definitely credit you, it's only fair. Actually, i'd apreciate instructions on how to tie the tassel on the shuriken; i think littlemog's unpublished his, cos i can't find it anywhere..
i made 1 by breaking an arrow in half and put a sharper tip now when i throw it it gos in the box and out the other side into my wall(the box was filled with pads of foam) i think it kicks @$$ XD
sweet, you should totaly post a picture of it!
very nice instructable, but I can't find out how to tassel the string. I've already searched for 'littlemog92', and googled it, but to no avail. thanks
Nice variation, and good job citing previous projects.
thanks, thank you very much.
yeah, but that was what the first one was
can you use nails?
thats nice. are they metal rods?
cool <sup></sup>, gonna try and make a trowing device in the sleeve of my coat xD<br/>

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