Improvised Drumkit With Knex





Introduction: Improvised Drumkit With Knex

got knex? so do i!cant afford drums? well neither can i.
so i made thos
this works for me until i actually get some drums
u will have to do a little bit of scavenging for things
but after that the knex part is easy

Step 1: Find Stuff to Use As Drums and Cymbals

i use a tin, some bowls and a big bucket for a bass
i use a keyboard stand as a cymbalstand
and dome metal cups as cymbals

i have a metal cart ting that i use as a hi hat

Step 2: Tha Bass Petal

1 build this frame
2 build this
attach to frame like in pic 1
3 attach yellow rod like so
add a rubber band so it comes back

Step 3: The Tom and Snare Stands

this is kinda complicated
1. i made stands fior 3 toms but u could make em for anyu number u want
u may have to make another for ur "floor tom"
2 snare +tom1 stand A)build this
B)add this part
3.tom 2 and 3 stands
better deatail of the base

connect it aall together!

Step 4: Other Elements

1. the bass bucket holder
2thing that sounds like hihat

3 cymbals and cymbalstand
(proped up on boxes

for these things use watever u have availabnle
u can even add another bass drum
have fun and try not to break it

Step 5: New Mods

i took off a "tom" but i made it stronger and more realistic
also note the doublebass petal
all the stands and petalsare now connected



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    My friend and I made a complete drum set completely out of knex including a bass with pedal, tom, snare, two cymbals and a hi-hat with a pedal.

    double bass is a large stringed instrument. Double bass pedal now thats a different story

    a doube bass is a string instrument that you have to stand up to play btw...

    15 replies

    yes it is. type it in on google images, youtube, wikipedia anything you like

    A Doube Bass isn't a string instrument you stand up and play; a double bass is.

    OMG!!! That is the funniest thing I have seen all day!

    NO!!! THanks friggin hilarious. Doube Bass.

    did i start an argument srsly u guys need to get over ur boredom and get over it, i masde a mistake and now its over lol

    Boredom? I don't even remember calling your mistake. As a matter of fact, I didn't even see your mistake! Take note that that was a reply to The Jamalam.

    no you're thinking of double base drums!

    No, he's thinking of double Bass drums!

    Conversation continued: | \/

    i mean a drumset with 2 bass drums