Me and my brother in law wanted to make a small indoor greenhouse.

U can chose youre own dimension for the height, widht and depth.

Step 1: Things U Need

for this u need:3 L-shape alumminium profiles, 6 plexiglas squares 4 wooden pilars with a shape like the picture and 10self drilling screws. Tools: Dril+drillbits, pencil, silicone, tape(some tape for on the plexy for easy measering and make lines on the plexi),...

Step 2: Making the Base

do silicone in all slots except one side so you can do this open and close(see last pic).

Step 3: Adding the Baseplate

Take the baseplate and dril in every corner a hole the size of the self-drilling screws( i used a drill 3.5mm). Then place the baseplate on the base u made in step 2 and screw it on it.

Step 4: Putting on the L-profiles

Add the L-profiles on the top wit self-drilling screws. But do not forget to leave place for the upper plexiglass plate because i need to slide in it.

Step 5: The Top Plexiglass Plate

Draw on the top plexiglass plate a pattern so so there can be a little oxygen in.

Step 6: Finish It With Some Plants :)

<p>Looks great!! can't wait to see it full of big plants. How are they going?</p>
<p>Hey, this turned out looking pretty cool! Have you added plants to it yet?</p><p>If you had any photos of it full of plants, those would be fun to see (they would make great photos to include in the introduction, too!)</p>
<p>Added them for u :)</p>
<p>Hey, awesome!</p>

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