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Introduction: Induino-arduino Clone

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induino r3 is a arduino clone board made in India and it is cheaper than arduino uno r3 and has many additional features... it has in built IR SENSORS, LDR, LEDs etc...
its available in

Step 1: Installing Arduino IDE

You can download normal arduino IDE software for induino from the website..
all examples in the software will also work in induino just you need to change the pins

Step 2: RGB Light and LED's

As you can see the 3 LED lights glow and one color in RGB light glows... just upload the code and its just the basics.... unlike arduino you don't need to attach external LED's to induino.

Step 3: BLINK

just upload the code that is in the picture... It will make the green light to blink... you can check it with all the 3 color or you can mix two colors to get a new color... simple :)
you can easily understand these codes...



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    Hmm very interesting information, thanks for sharing your knowledge!