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Just a quick photo to post my bike grips.  I used an old set of grip ends and a 10 speed bike tube. I did have to clean the tube first and then soap the bars to get them on but its no big deal.


BtheBike (author)2014-08-29

great idea . gonna try this on my pull up bar iron gym thing

zieak (author)2012-09-21

Cool! I wonder if a larger tube could squeeze over some cheap foam grips making them less waterlogged and not so easy to tear.

onrust (author)zieak2012-09-21

Now that's a good idea! Those foam grips never last here in Arizona.

Advar (author)onrust2013-06-26

26" work great, no adhesive needed. But I did have to slit the tube long ways then sew it up with wax thread (my foam xtra thick)Trying to upload pics.

onrust (author)Advar2013-06-26

Love to see them.

Aleator777 (author)2012-09-20

Hmm, just had a tube burst on me today and my grips are pretty worn out. You sir may have save me a few bucks. Thank you for the idea!

onrust (author)Aleator7772012-09-21

I did have to give them a second scrubbing but they are working just fine.

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