It's time to take a walk on the wild side!
Whether for your next fetish party, bondage convention or annual office staff group-picture, make your own gimp mask from recycled inner tubes and you're sure to leave a lasting impression.
A freakish, weird, rubbery impression.

Though primarily used in BDSM, gimp masks can also be used as a prop or as part of a costume. But, mostly BDSM.
For those out there into this kind of thing, don't worry you're not alone.

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Enough talk, let's gimp!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

Since we'll be cutting the inner tubes into strips, the condition of the tubes is not that important. Punctured or damaged bike inner tubes are usually available for free from any bike repair shop, just ask.

To bond the inner tubes you will need inner tube repair cement, I found mine as part of a kit available at the $dollar store. You can also buy the cement at the bike repair shop.

  • sharp knife
  • damp cloth
  • scissors
  • marker
  • sewing pins
  • needle + thread
  • 2x bicycle inner tubes
  • bicycle tire cement - 4 tubes ($dollar store)
  • 2x zippers - 7" bare metal teeth ($dollar store)
  • masking tape
  • cling wrap

disturbing but funny..... I dig the valve-stem sticking outa' the side of the head. <br>
I don't know jack about BDSM other than it looks like hell for claustrophobic people, but the mask looks interesting because I like Halloween masks and I like metal bands that wear character masks. Maybe some variations of this can be made for those purposes. I guess rubber cement would work, but if you can get room temperature vulcanizing rubber glue, that will hold much more permanently. You're sure to get some really strange looks though if you go to Autozone and start telling them about your project.
Try washing them in a big bucket of pine sol and hot water overnight, then rinsing in hot water and drying by air. I do this to use tubes for making handlebar tape.
Disturbing. Does this mean there are going to be DIY adult toys on here now? *nervous laugh*
I know a bank for an italian job...or better my ungly sister for a bdsm party with you
I lovelovelove this!<br>My bestie is into the fet-life and I might have to surprise him after secretly but most OBVIOUSLY taking his measurements.<br>This is so great and looks very...&gt;_&gt;...<br><br>Nom...
reminds me of craigjones mask....minus the spikes , of corse
Im personally not into this kind of thing, but it looks like yet another creative use of bicycle inner tubes. Great creation. Oh, and to the people saying that this is not for kids, read it, in the text, there is nothing that a kid could learn anything really bad from.
how do you breath? even with the zipper undone it looks ultra tight
Great photos. As much as I love the use of an inner tube...... Oh my
a what mask? o_O that's uhhhh interesting. <br>there are a lot of kids on this site :/ <br>
and they need to be over thirteen to be on this site. So it's not necessarily a huge deal. Also, there are many other instructables that are more adult like the boob stress release ball. The children shouldn't be clicking on these anyway. :P
...and mikeasaurus is not their parent.
Stranger danger, childrens! Safety first and all that! Don't take candy from men in gimp masks!<br><br>Decidedly hilarious project, though. Kudos. Lotta guts to model that online...
Should have entered the Halloween contest!<br>But, you missed the deadline..<br><br>Great job, though..
Fear not, it'll be eligible for next year's contest :p
i subbed u ncoz i liked di
i used it for and under mask mask for paitball coz the paint olways gets in mi mouf and it tatses horribl
I like the mask! Great post here also, I enjoyed the humor! <br>Too bad you didn't get to enter in the Halloween contest. I don't recall seeing it posted there.
Hmmm, I think you might need to soften up that image a bit...
Great post!
The valve sticking out the side of the forehead really completes the look. Kinda reminds me of one of the <a href="http://www.buycostumes.com/Slipknot-133-Mask/33290/ProductDetail.aspx?REF=AFC-datafeed&AID=10273928&PID=1487673">Slipknot masks</a>...
Thats great work... but i thought there are some chemicals used for tires and probably inner tubes that i wouldnt want to have near my face... im not sure if i remember right, so this is just a thought... <br>(p.s. i don't have problems with high concentrated nitric acid near my face)
I... er... it...<br><br><sub>It is, isn't it? It's an actual gimp mask.<br><br><sub><sub><sub>Goodness me.<br><br></sub></sub></sub></sub>
You've got my vote simply because of the creepy factor. It's also a great instructable, though. :)
I think you deserve a special prize all your own. That is the most random use of inner tubes I have ever seen. Nice job!
bring out the gimp <br> <br>the gimp's sleepin... <br> <br>Werl I guess ya'l hafta wake 'im up now, won'tcha? <br>
Best. Movie. Ever Made.
I don't want to put this down, because there was a lot of ingenuity that was put into this. <br><br>That said... still creeps me out. :P
This must be really warm to wear!

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