Picture of done
 you are finished.
enjoy your new paper plane. 
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CaseBoy (author) 4 years ago
 thanks for the positive comments.
lol, but i kinda like the design.
themaker3214 years ago
 å bit more detåil pleåse
lemonie4 years ago
Which part of this is insane?

Forward-swept-ish wing design, maybe?  The X-29, Berkut, and Hansa are pretty "insane" designs.
You know more about these things than me - that sounds like it.

zascecs lemonie4 years ago

(I got a little confused there)
Maybe the plane exhibits insane flight patterns, ie. erratic behavior?  A few paper airplanes I've made could perform loops and corkscrews beautifully but unintentionally...
rimar20004 years ago
Nice design!!
KnexFreek4 years ago
 Its awesome!
LoneWolf4 years ago
That's cool!!!! This would go as well as a slideshow. :)