Install a Cigarette Lighter on Computer





Introduction: Install a Cigarette Lighter on Computer

my last instructable on computer case mod cooling fans i posted a photo of my towers face and got a comment on the cig lighter , so to make it even easyer I went and thrashed another computer ,No I dont smoke in the office but some of my gear recharges only from a car cig lighter. Also it is very easy to reach unlike the power strip on the floor under the desk :(
some photos will be replaced soon,i know how they look.

Step 1: Get Parts and Tools

radio shack had the molex jumper that i cut in two 3.99
could swipe one off an old computer power supply
advance auto parts had a compleat cig lighter for 3.79
also an ATC inline fuse for 1.98
for a total cost of 9.76
spade drill bit 7/8" (22mm)
some heat shrink tubing 3/16
2 spade female terminal ends
1 butt splice

Step 2: Setting Up

Pry out the 5.25" faceplate.
I mounted it in the center,using the rule i penciled an X on inside.
slowly drill into the face plate when have a nice grove cut with the bit stop turn it over,and drill it through from the front. this will keep the bit from tearing the soft plastic

Step 3: Mount & Wire

Yellow wire and the closest black are 12VDC positive and the ground ( earth )
The molex connector yellow (orange) goes to ATX fuse
Black goes to ground
Red and other black are tucked into a short piece of shrink tubing to make sure they dont short out.

Step 4: Installing

From the power supply find an open molex connector.
snap in the face plate and connect it to the power supply.

Step 5: Lastly

The ATX fuse holder came with a 30 amp in it would rather see a 5 amp
This can be done without turning off power
It took me less than 20 min to do entire install.



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    how many watts will it take? Won't it fry your powersupply in a short amount of time? And i know they arn't cheap.

    its a 30 AMP fuse at 12 VDC that is 360 watts so Yup can whack a power supply thought i said to swap it with a 5 AMP that cuts it down to a safe 60 watts and that tower is holding a socket A ADM so its about ready to go poof.


    The 5 Amp fuse does not "cut" anything down. It just blows at a lower amperage. How many Amps does a cigar lighter draw when plugged in. I expect it will blow your 5 Amp fuse each time it's plugged in. It's a shame your photos aren't better. I love th concept.

    I know the fuse does not cut anything down,the question was "how many watts will it take?". depends on how much of a supply is there the tower power supply is a 300W the lighter is on a 30 Amp fuse so long before the fuse goes the supply will pop off. how many Amps does the lighter draw? My Ohm meter says 4.8 so 58 Watts ? My IDA/USB jumper has a 12VDC x 1.5 A power supply with a molex ,I used it to test fire lighter it took 30 seconds to pop out (on tower it is about 10 seconds )the supply would only deliver 8.5 VDC under the lighters load could use that to back check the math for the load

     i just bought a complete lighter from advanced auto parts, and the buss fuse i have i just dont know about. its a #14 wire-20 amp maximum fuseholder inline. I'll post a picture of it soon. You should draw up a better wiring guide because i really want to do this to my computer.

    On an ATX power supply the positive 12V supply can produce 12A of current(according to the spec I read) , more than enough to run almost any cigarette lighter device.  The only lighter device that I wouldn't run from a power supply like this would be the actual cigarette lighter, but a cell phone charger only pulls usually 100-200mA (.1-.2A) which would be fine. This is all assuming that the cigarette lighter is wired properly.

    If you do it with a pc psu turned on it will cut out and you will have to leave it For a min or so Not very good for your pc as your ram will not empty

    Well along with that a small psu in a pc isn't ideal for something like this app. As he stated it was from a older computer. What is the point of trashing a 500Watt PSU to do this. Although with a molex connector it can be plugged in and as long as your not tasking the cpu to death then it wont really bother it too much. Use it while on lunch, or sleeping... Since the DC chargers will charge at a faster rate, than the AC will.

    I did this using a power supply outside of a PC case (not connected to a motherboard, just the green wire shorted to ground), but every time I plugged something into the socked, the PSU cut out, so in the end I just gave up and used a cheap 12v wall wart (I love that name, I'm English too!!!) to power my socket... :\ Then again, I never do get some electronicals set up right... :P

    Ok then the problem might be that it was too small of a supply. Gotta love the English... lol... Sounds right for how you should have done it. Well this is mostly based of trial and error... That is the way I do alot of things... Measure twice, cut once.. Well not me.. Its more of cut 2-3 times to make it fit and fit right... lol..