ever see something that's all packaged nicely and sold for an exorbitant sum and think to yourself. "I could make that!" or "that's just _______ in a shiny package!" that's what I did one day when looking for sound deadening material for my car. Dyna mat is a really great product that really cuts down on road noise, body noise/reverb  from your awesome system and other annoying sounds in a car. The thing is that it's expensive! I realized that dyna mat is actually sold at Home Depot for a completely different purpose! it's used as a flashing material on house roofs!
the HomeDesperate sells the stuff for 20 bux a roll vs dyna mat's $100!

Step 1: First step peel it off the roll.

I'm a little slow sometimes so it took me a minute to figure out how to get it off the roll. Now is also the time to make sure your surface is clean!
Does the tar smell when it get hot in side the car?
<p>What happens on a hot day? Does black bitchumen see out the doors!!?</p>
<p>Ice and water guard does the same exact thing and it comes in much wider sheets. I have used that in many a vehicle and it works great!</p>
I'm assuming this worked and you didn't explode and die or something?
So it's been over a year and We've had no problems with the fake dynamat. in fact it has been a great material. no odor no problems. Other bug owners like that my bug is so much quieter that they've asked me to put it in their cars.
No explosions or death yet! It's made a huge difference in interior volume level... Can actually hold a conversation now.
Great idea! Probably good for silencing a desktop computer case, too! Who (if any) has tried sticking this stuff all over the inside of a desktop computer case?
If the fan is making noise, you likely need a new fan. If the case is vibrating for some reason, any putty material will damp the vibration. You do not need to cover the entire case. I keep some office supply putty handy to stick paper to various objects when I need to . Start putting putty in quarter-sized pieces in various patterns around the outside of the case. If you get no improvement, then something else is vibrating.
I improved a bit the noise in my desktop sticking pieces of mop in the inner. The mop absorbs some of the noise made by the coolers.
I've stuck cork and sound foam on the inside of my computer case with a tiny bit of success, but this stuff is probably much better, since it is heavy and uses that instead of diffusing/reflecting. About the heat-sink bit that <strong>nathangill </strong>mentioned: Yes, the case is a heat-sink, and whatever you stick to it on the inside will not affect air-stream on the outside of the case (where air temperature should be cooler than on the inside), so I wouldn't be worried, since the PSU (that is a major heat source) is bolted to the case and should therefor transfer much heat easily.
I'd be really careful about this - even though the fans move new air through the case, the metal case should still be treated as an important heat sink. Give it a shot, but keep an eye on the temp inside the case.
I've used that stuff to repair roof leaks. The mastic or thick black layer may be made of some tar-like product. When exposed to extreme heat, it will get gooey and offgas a smell if you use it in an enclosed area. Once you stick it, it will be difficult to remove.
Yea. That is a good point. It is difficult to remove. Generally people who install it should not expect it to remove it. (Please dont install it on amazing one of a kind classic cars... Do it for the kids) it is a rubberized asphalt. I've installed dynamat and aside from logos printed on the product it appears to be identical. As for off-gassing it seems not to be a problem. I live in the Desert Southwest and this stuff seems to hold up well. My new carpet, headliner, glue, vinyl seats and rubber seals off-gas much more than this stuff, and this is sealed between a body panel and the aluminum backing.
Nothing more intriguing than that new car smell. I think they have that as an air freshener scent.

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