I have signed up to do the London to Brighton Cycle ride in June. As my training milages are getting longer I decided it would be good to have an extra drinks bottle on my hybrid.The main problem being that the existing water bottle position on the down tube and the frame being quite compact, wouldnt allow for an extra one on the seat tube. I took the existing one off and zip tied another to the seat tube in the position I thought it should be. Then by offering up the existing one found that it had to go up the down tube by about an inch.

Step 1:

I was lucky to find a piece of 13mm x 5mm stock aluminium in my offcut box. I marked this 10mm up from the bottom and a centreline up the middle of the 13mm. From this point i marked at 25mm. Also from that first point I marked 64mm (the pitch of the bolt holes on a bottle cage) and then another 25mm from that one. These were then drilled with a 3mm drill bit. The first hole and its coresponding one 64mm away were then opened up to 5.5mm then counterbored for the screw head. The remaining two holes were opened up to 4.2mm and then tapped with an m5 tap. The rest of the bar was cut of with a hacksaw another 10mm from the last hole then rounded off with a file. This was now screwed to the holes in my frame and the cage screwed to the m5 holes, moving it 25mm up the frame.

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