The bike space available at my apartment is under an open stairway. Rain, leaves, and crud in general go down through the stairs onto my bike. Sometimes the bike looks as if it’s had a mud bath... which isn’t good for the gears, chain, brakes, or my mood when I want to go somewhere.

So this is a fast, cheap, super easy solution... with no flapping loose corners. And it’s unlikely to be stolen! The original lasted almost two years and was discarded only because I was too lazy to clean it and I needed to make a new one for this instructable.

Step 1: Materials and Time Needed

1 garbage bag with drawstring
3 spring clothes pins

Less than 5 minutes

Pretty cool! Not sure if I can use this at the moment or not...but it's great to know I have the option! How quick is it to use? (Though I guess another way to find out would be to just make one....)
I thought it was pretty fast, but it depends on how fast you can shake it out and clip on two or three clothespins. Once you adjust and tie the drawstrings to fit your bike you don't have to do it again. There's nothing tricky about using it. Please let me know, though, if you run into any problems.
Thanks for the idea,i work as a bike mechanic and sometimes i have too many bikes in my workspace so i have to lock them up outside but the covers i buy always ending up ripping so il be sure to use this!
I'm glad you can use this!
Im glad you made this :)

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