Step 4: Ironing

Picture of ironing
last step:
For ironing you should use a hard underlay, otherwise the result will be ugly.
I used a sheet metal.
Before ironing you should test the position of the complete motive on the cloth - still handle wiht care.

Turn off the steam. Iron as hot as your t-shirt supports ;)
Iron the parts seperately.
Be sure to have everytime a baking paper between iron and toner.

At the beginning heat the complete part with the iron evenly.
Then go on from the border with some pressure, maybe use the edge of the iron.
While doing this, strip off the baking paper slowly - you will see wether the toner is on the cloth or on the paper -> should be all on the cloth.
Do not iron directly on the toner - the toner loves your iron much more than your t-shirt.

At the end all the toner should be on the cloth - nothing on the baking paper.

(the toner is black plasitc powder which melts on heat)
Scriptone3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your idea, its given me an idea!
pennyd4 years ago
I love this...if I could get it to work as well as the pictures. So here are some questions:
1. I am using parchment, is there a particular brand that works best? mine have all had about 1/2 the toner left on the parchment.
2.What about the temperature of the iron
3 it would be cool if you could trick the printer so it didn't heat the paper so you'd get a more pure print.
haamaan5 years ago
Where can i get the baking paper?
loricollins6 years ago
Is baking paper in the US parchment paper (in a roll) or perhaps waxed paper (in a roll). Thanks!
IAE8 years ago
when i do it it always comes out bad and faded!

PaladinMark IAE8 years ago
After a preliminarily pressing the iron flatly over the whole image (letters) at once, I found i needed to go over the whole thing applying pressure with the tip of the iron (the end of the flat bit only a square centimeter or so I guess, so more force was exerted over each bit) . Im guessing i could also improve the blackness of mine by printing twice on the baking paper, so that a thicker layer of toner is applied , though I have not tested that yet . God bless, Mark
kiwisaft (author)  PaladinMark8 years ago
better don't try to print twice on one baking paper - i think this would end up in a tonerpowder everywhere in your printer effect ;) better print on two sheets and iron both on the shirt. works fine
Astinsan IAE8 years ago
What kind of printer... If your in windows you can set it to dark mode... most printers will default to econo mode. I know my OKI LED printer it doesn't work on at all.. but the HP I have it worked perfect... Gonna try color with a HP 4400 at a friends house..
PaladinMark8 years ago
This is a really good free way of printing your own t-shirts. Thanks Kiwisoft
whoschuck8 years ago
can you wash this as usual then? or will all the ink bleed???