Instructable Patches for Every One


Introduction: Instructable Patches for Every One

About: I am currently taking over my grandparents farm, and working towards getting off the grid, and a sustainable life.

Here are some patches i made to give to people to fellow insctructables users. So here you go you should pass them around just right click save as upload them give them to your friends!



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    The MacGyver Patch has got to be my favourite. :)

    I love all the patches. I got the "kitchen Witch", very nice. :)

    You know what, I think this should be a forum topic, then other folk could offer up their own patches to create a bigger resource.

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    K I POSTED IT ON THE FORUMS! Lets hope others add there patches to it too.

    Well done! However, given it's beneath a picture of a penny-farthing, I'm pretty sure you mean "pedal" and not "peddle" power. ;)

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    Right you are and i fix it thanks!

    Very good, thanks for sharing!