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please vote I want you to know this is my first video so im sorry if it sucks! thanxs I i got a video so sorry if it didn't work!

Step 1: Getting Everything

you will need
10 yellow
12 red
7 green
2 white
1 white peg
4 green pegs
1 grey
1 yellow peg

Step 2: Start Build

start by putting the yellow and the green and the red together like in the PIC.

Step 3: Start to Form the Bomb

put the two whites together it will look like this.

Step 4: Almost Done

after you have made the full shell it will look like this. look at side view to see if u have done it right.

Step 5: Done Jsut Add Pin and Bang!!

just take the yellow peg and add gray to it then put in bottom on bomb! then add yellow to the top of . Then add the pin to make it the real deal.

Step 6: Done Have Fun

LAST HAVE FUN!!!!!! now you are ready to go blow it up.



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    Flagged as incomplete, for these reasons. There is no title saying what the item is It is NOT a video The text is inappropriately grammatically wrong. Use capital letters, full stops, commas and try and make sense in your writing.

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    Yeah man!

    The video is attached not embedded in the introduction. L

    I know that, but he said this was his first video, it is sort of an instructable

    Technicalities eh...? :)

    That wasn't so hard, was it?

    Thirded, also they aren't called pegs, they're called rods. (Directed at killergunman, not Jammy) I sure I've seen this design somewhere before.....

    srry I know this is really bad my next one is going to be way better i can say that. Again im really srry if the pics are bad or the video did not work. It is my first one. Again thanks to everyone who tryed or made this cool thing.

    1 reply

    bad? i don't even know what it is!


    dr weird do you have a accout on powder game? I'm kablooie.

    Yeah, it's DWeird. Check out my uploads! Yay! Shameless publicity of oneself! I'll have a look at you!


    i don't go on any more.

    Just do it for all the cool uploads! Nice PG tribute, BTW. ; )

    like i said this is my first video and first time on the site! srry for naming it. gez im srry!!!!!