Picture of dracena leaf quack instrument
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hello everyone, this is my first instructables, I hope you like it ! this is "quack whistle" and I called it LEAF QUACK INSTRUMENT !
this is a blow instrument. actually this is really simple . just roll the leaf, and blow it ! OK, enjoy this instructables !

Step 1: Take some leaf of dracena bamboo

Picture of take some leaf of dracena bamboo
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what you need ?

1. a dracena bamboo leaf
2. tape
3. scissor

just pick one or two dracena bamboo leaf from your garden. i pick the green one with yellow volcadot. it looks beauty !
Kiteman2 years ago
Can we hear it?
mboot (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
i'll upload that later bud, i didnt have a fast internet connection :D
did you read the second to last line?
Yes, and?
E Major2 years ago
What if we don't have bamboo in our garden? I'm sure most people don't where I'm from. Over all, cool idea.