Introduction: Pokedex

This is a phone case i 3D modeled for my iphone 4s its based off the pokedex from pokemon season one !!! It features an opening and closing door with details just like in the anime!! It is 3d printed by shapeways in nylon plastic and all the details are hand painted and installed. Next time i plan on getting it printed in red abs plastic.

Step 1: Concept and Modelling

I used the image above for all my reference i then scaled it to the width of the phone i then began modeling all the buttons and the detachable lense piece so your phone can be easily inserted and removed. Im pretty happy with the outcome.



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    where can I get one of these? I have cash in hand . .I would need it for a galaxy note 5. Please help me

    Where do I buy them? I will totally burly one if you make it for iPhone 6. Should be too hard if you just copy and edit your original model. But I really want one for Pokemon go please help me out I will pay!

    how can I get one! :D that's the coolest thing ever!!!

    Hey I'm really interested in getting one of these for my iPhone 5s! Can you please let me know what link you're selling them at? Thanks! Great job!

    Can you post your etsy username so I can buy this case and can you make one for the iPhone 6

    I would love to have one of these for my phone!

    I guess there is some "instruction" value to this. Could maybe share some steps on how to get from idea to finished product (not the files thou!)?

    But the result is really nice! :)

    Looks good!

    Are you planning to share the files? I think people would love that!