Introduction: Iphone Charger Prank,work Without Power

This prank is very simple,inside iphone charger I connect 2 pcs lithium battery 3 volts,the battery is connected directly to usb power jack.Other electronics is removed from charger for security reasons.
This prank charger you can give to someone friend to get it how it works without plug to the power.

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elizila (author)2014-10-13

how do you get the plug part off

SuperTech-IT (author)2013-08-07

It won't work for long, and storing it might be a bad idea too, as the circuit you have attached it to will be draining the battery even with nothing plugged into the USB port.

And unfortunately, you NEED the little circuit that is there - if you try this with just batteries and a bare connector, you get this...

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