Ipod Mount in Element


Introduction: Ipod Mount in Element

i had been lookin online for ideas on the cleanest way to mount an ipod that wasn't in the way, with wires everywhere and was not cumbersome to use or to see. i got a ipod mount for a bicycle handlebarfrom gpscity.com and modified it to fit.

Step 1: Drilled and Mounted

i used a grinder to cut a wide V-shaped groove in teh back of the mount and bolted it to the radio body panel with an elevator bolt.

Step 2: More Photos



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    Better question .. what are you using to connect the ipod to your element? I have a fm transmitter but I really really want something better.. any ideas ?

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    i was using a cassette adapter but am now using a different radio. it has anaudio input on the front of it and i am using a retractable minijack cable.

    proclipusa.com 30 bucks... snaps in place.


    Nice job on this. As an alternate method, I couldn't find a suitable place to mount my Sirius receiver in my car, so I ended up mounting this on a microphone gooseneck. I can bend it whereever I want it, and the passenger can also see it as well.

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    not a bad idea, does it move if you slam on the breaks? i'll bet you can run wires in it as well since it is hollow~