Ipod Nano Card Case





Introduction: Ipod Nano Card Case

this is my first instructable i will show you how to make a ipod nano case from half a deck of cards.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

-deck of cards
-white glue
-paint brush
-ipod nano
-sharp knife

Step 2: Glueing the Cards Together

take one card and put a ring of glue around the card

Step 3: Spread the Glue Around.

take the paint brush and spread the glue around.

Step 4: Put Another Card on Top

put another card on top of the glued card and line up the edges

Step 5: Makeing the Card Stack

repeat steps 2,3 and 4 over and over until you have used about half of the deck of cards.

Step 6: Trace Ipod

trace your ipod onto a card but remember to leave a spot for the headphones.

Step 7: The Traced Peice

take the traced piece and cut it out then put it on top of the deck of glued cards and trace it onto the deck.

Step 8: Cutting the Deck

take your sharp knife and cut into the deck on the traced line you made with pen. cut until you only have about 5 cards not cut.

Step 9: Test Fit

take your ipod nano and see it it will fit in or not. if it does not cut the cards down a little

Step 10: Front

take a ruler and measure how far the screen is in. take one card and cut it out

Step 11: Glue It On

to glue it on the stack of cards only glue 3 sides to you can take your ipod nano in and out when you need to charge it or what ever.

Step 12: Making the Cover

glue two cards front to front

Step 13: Finish

tape the cover on and make the cover like a hinge. put an apple sticker on the front and your done enjoy. :)



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    That is a sweet case it has inspired me to try to make one like it!!!!!!!!!


    Good job I would make one but i do not have a deck of cards!

    1 reply

    I got cards

    My new nano doesnt fit on regular sized playing cards, but i made one for my freind. I also cut a round hole so you can use the keypad, and put clear cellofane over the front instead of adding another cover.

    2 replies

    but, if you're looking for a case, it fits perfectly (at least vertically) in an altoids tin. there are a few guides on instructables about these, you should check 'em out. I'm also probably going to write an 'ible on it.

    cool! tanx!

    you could use a deck of jumbo sized cards....

    I found that notecards are the perfect size for a touch case

    Hey, thats what I was looking for, I just upgraded my touch to the new one today!

    The new iPod Nano and Touch came out September 9th in the U.S.

    you could line the sides of the inside with tissue so it wouldnt be too hard... anyway, nice job

    i couldnt do it first of all glue was everywhere and 2nd i cut it and it peeled the cars of the cardboard

    nice!!! ill make a cutout of the scroll wheel so it can be used in the case.

    Any mods to make this work for the 2nd Gen of Ipod nano? (I think I just found a way: Glue to cards together to make it taller?)

    im gonna make one for my new shuffle
    and since its about half the size

    im gonna make a second hole thats a little deeper to put my headphones into,

    I love this instructable and has inspired me to make one of my own.