Ipod Nano Secret Menu!


Introduction: Ipod Nano Secret Menu!

Hello cool knex13 here.

This menu is used for finding out how your is. (system cheek).

Step 1: Getting There.

Hold the enter button and the menu button at the same time untill the screen turns off.

Step 2: The Apple.

When you see the apple on the screen hold the enter button and the left button at the same time.

Step 3: Your In.

Your in.


Step 4: How to Get Back to the Normal Menu.

Hold the enter button and the menu button at the same time.
When yore screen goes blank just leave it and the namal menu will come up.



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    ive got to agree with the others, this is a unfinished instructable, you dont exactly have photo proof of the menu, nor do we know what generation ipod you used, what the menu is for, and all sorts of things.

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    Summed up: Hold down middle + Menu buttons, hold down middle and left buttons.

    Pro tip: If you can describe the instructable in one sentence, it's too small or not complete..

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    this secret menu is just a debugging menu for apple to use, it will work on most new ipods with click wheels, and it does as said, its used as a debug tool to show if everything is working correctly, there is connection status for earphones and dock connector and others like button checks and screen checks. holding the enter button and menu button is a reset, like i said it will work on most ipods with click wheels

    So can you go into detail about waht the other menu is for, why I should give it a go... etc... To me sorry, this Instructable is incomplete

    that explains nothing of the menu nor are there shots of this fabled menu..