this is my first instructible and i am only 12. But please try this and enjoy

Step 1: Materials


2.magnifier lens (got mine from old telescope)
3.case from ipod
4.tape (duck tape)
5.ipod (duh)


Step 2: Cut

cut of both ends of box.

Step 3: Make View Lens

Glue the telescope lens on a piece of cardboard (i used a plastic ring) and tape the cardboard to one of the ends of the first box.

Step 4: Make Holder

break off a small section from the bottom of the larger half of the case youre ipod came in this is where the speaker cable comes out.

Next tape the case onto the other end of the box with the open end of the box faing outwards.

Step 5: Add Sound

make up the system pictured below.

Step 6: Tape

tape up like shown in the picture below.

Step 7: Finished

place down like so and watch videos,pics ect.....

Very cool - good work - very ingenious.<br />
&nbsp;This is a nice portable cinema for watching movies everywhere
Awesome instructable!!!, ill have to do it sometime. thanks
yea rite spoonty......... cool instructable..............
Nice first build and I'm looking forward to more aeich4 inventions
It would be great to see this in action, I have built something similar for my psp but I never found it very useful because the backlight is not very bright. how well does this work with the ipod? great instructable, prob the first one i have seen in a long time. oh and you can expect a comment from GorillazMiko shortly LMAO.
lol i no dude, im surprised GorillazMiko didnt allready comment
Well I'm about to. ;-)
lahhh noooo... lmao lol its just funny cause every instructable i c u comment (lol not offending i think its funny in a good way :-P)
Hahahahahahaha YEAH LAUGH IT UP FUNNY GUY. Just kidding. ;-)
lol haha, o dude off subject but i just made an instructable (finally i no rt?) haha view it :D <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Unoriginal-Guide-to-Homemade-Silencers/">https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Unoriginal-Guide-to-Homemade-Silencers/</a><br/>
Yeah. Right now.
This one's pretty cool. Nice Instructable done by a 12 year old. :-) The pictures could be a bit better, but I like the idea!
Not bad at all i'll have to try it but for my psp :) because i have the 2nd gen Ipod!:(
A very nicely put together instructable. some later modifications which could be made are the inclusion of angled mirrors to increase the focal length, and the magnification. I love the use of the box as a resonator a nicely done instructable

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