Ipod Touch Buggy Dock





Introduction: Ipod Touch Buggy Dock

this is just a ipod touch dock i made it realy can fit anything and yes it is made out of K'nex but i have added padding so nothing can get scrtached so its safe.

Step 1: Make the First Part

this is just one of 2 parts to making the dock

Step 2: Make the Second Part

this is just the second part you need to make

Step 3: Now Add the Peices Together

just ad the 2 peices together

Step 4: Now Your Done and You Can Add Foam Padding and Other Peices to Better Hold the Ipod Touch Better

realy this can hold anything but i made it for the ipod touch



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    ha vat woz funi

    do you even have an ipod touch

     yea, this was before it came out, and look at my other thing, it shows mine

    my dad is getting an iphone 3g but he already has a blackberry and i was wondering if the blackberry has more talktime or not its a blackberry curve and if he cant use the iphone he will give it to me because i dont have an ipod only have a 2 gig psp and replace my old blackberry (only has a speaker phone)

    Iphones die really quickly

    What's an Ipod touch?

    It is the newest iPod. It is essentially an iPhone, but $200 less and no phone.

    100 dollars less,.. i jsut bought one , i love it