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Introduction: Ipod Touch Speaker Dock

this is for any ipod and i use my ipod touch on it. this dock has 2 speakers and can connect to the computer and it uses everyday items

Step 1: Materials

list of materials needed

-packaging cardboard tube
-old pair of headphones(non in ear ones)
-ipod cable
-ipod dock connector
-hot glue gun with glue

Step 2: Creating Base

1. you will need to cut the cardboard tube about 18" long(you can do any length of cut just make
shur the headphone wire is long enough)

2. cut 2 holes in tube at the center and make it for there parralel eachother, one hole for dock
and one hole for stand

3. add stand

Step 3: Making the Dock

1. feed wires through hole

2. drill hole in apopropriate place in dock connector for the headphone jack

3. fit in dock with usb connector and headphone jack and test

4. glue in place

Step 4: Finishing Touches

now you can decide how to make the stand stronger to suport the wheight of the ipod, also make shur everything is well glued in place (ESPESALY THE HEADPHONE JACK AND DOCK CONNECTOR)



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    i have some miniature speakers that would be perfect for thins

     Looks awesome!

    this is kinda random but how do you start making an insructable?

    1 reply

    You click on your user and click make instructible

    man , that almost looks like the real thing!

    1 reply

    thanks, i was bored yesterday so i found old headphones and made that