iron man boot took days and days to make !!!! DDDIIIFFFIICCCCCUUULLLTTTTT
you think thats hard look at mine its 5 times bigger and 20 times as hard because i didnt use instructions for more than half of it <br>
yes but can you make it out of titanium alloy?
maybe im only thirteen and dont have access to parts but possibly in the future <br>
Five times as bigger? You must have big feet.
look at them there in the corner there the whole things bigger on size <br>
It's also <a href="http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?885-Knex-Iron-Man-Jetboots" rel="nofollow">not yours</a>.
At least he took the time to reverse the design of the part that covers your leg! lol
That's cool that you can actually put it on.

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