I was browsing this site and saw the iron man equipment and decided to try my own please note the product will not be finished until Friday 8th of august

Step 1: Step 1 Making Your Base

to make your helmet base you need to blow up a balloon to the size your head and cover it in paper mache 2 to 4 layers depending on how hard you want your helmet

Step 2: Step 2 Formation of the Helmet

once your base is dry you push a sewing needle through the back and pop the balloon inside once you have done this in the bottom/back you need to cut a hole to fit your head in .

Step 3: Step 3 Face of Iron Man

now you have made the hole you can start to make the mould come alive with "funky foam" this averages at about 49p-£100 tou will need four sheets of red and two of yellow first you start with making the detachable front i have drawn this template onto orange card for better visibility to stick this together i reccomend super glue or double sided tape.

Step 4: Step 4 the Helmet Side and Back

for your red helmet you must make each panel according to the picture on your red funky foam depending on the head size your panels will be bigger or smaller again i recommend you stick on with super glue or double sided tape . please note only use 3 sheets to save one for later details.

Step 5: Step 5 Detatchable or Not

if you want a detachable face or not dependends on wether you skip this step or not if so then you need to take the yellow foam face plate and temperelily stick it to you unplated front once stuck down you must draw in pencil a line that follows the edge once you have done this you must cut out along the pencil line slightly inwards so you can push it in and pull it out

Step 6: Step 6 Not Detatchable

if you do not want a detatchable face then this is your page
temperelaly stickdown your yellow foam face plate and draw around it with pencil but cut slightly inwards after this you must super glue the face into the hole.

Step 7: Step 7 Finishing Details

if you look on google images under iron man helmet look at close details and use your last piece of your foam to personalize your helmet,other colours look good for unique effects
not bad. may use this instead of super-lukes' design.
im guna haf 2 finish it, only 2% credit 2 the guy though, should be done by end of year
I thought this was an amazing looking nurse mask from Silent Hill..had no idea it was Iron Man.
wtf theres no helmet just a paper meche ball ?
 Lol we broke instructables... new thread... its January 22nd 2010 still no update
 Yeah lol
&nbsp;Jan 28th :)<br /> your supposed to include the date for each update :D
Valentines day still no update<br />
Hey, it's May. Any progress? ;P
Yep May 6th :P No Iron Man.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Perhaps one of us should complete it<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Iron man 2 and still not done
10/10/10 wow!
June too
Feb 22nd:&nbsp; I am thinking this -able is not so able.<br />
im not so sure the guy actualy made the helmet cuz thers no pics
What happened to the project? Its September now.
Now its October! I think he foogot.
now its november
tommorow it wil be december
2 years later
January too lol
valentine's day...
My birthday is tomorrow... I think we can safely assume there will be no follow up.
Yeah problely
And happy birthday!
HA! middle of march!
Add pics of it finished, I bet it looks great!
are u able to wear this mask?
Pictures! Get some pictures of the finished product. And Pictures that walks us through the instructable.
And when you're at it, please break up your instructable in sentences, right now it's like listening to someone talking way too fast. It makes concentrating on your story harder, which is a shame because it really could be a nice instructable. I hope you can find the time to adjust it.
you should have waited until completing the project really... Try and get the finished pictures up soon, not flagging it for now... For painting it add PVA to get that gloss finish...
thanks for the tips
No bother, if you're using spray paint check out some of the modeal gun 'ibles etc for painting tips...

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