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After seeing a few helmets on here and on other sites i decided to have a go at my own. I have never sculpted before so if i can do anyone can. I started by ordering a polystyrene head and some air drying clay. I used DAS clay but i'm sure that any clay would have had the desired result. After drawing a basic set of drawings (side, front etc) i started to put a layer of clay over the head to obtain a basic shape. I then drew onto the head the basic lines of the helmet and built up the areas that should be "pronounced" and let the clay set hard. Once the clay had set i again drew on the areas i needed to cut out and started to sand and shape . . . . The biggest bonus with the air drying clay is that after you have made a rough shape its really easy to cut and sand, it sands nice and smooth to obtain a cracking finish. you can also, if needed, add more clay to areas, wait for it to dry and re-shape/sand. After initially cutting the eyes out i decided they wernt quite right so had to re build them and start again.After ALOT of sanding and shaping i was happy with him so set about cutting in the lines, i just used a nice sharp craft knife and a steady (ish) hand and then he was ready for priming. After priming dont be frightend to re sand if it needs it, better to di it now than have to do it when its painted. When your completely happy with the finish mask him up and start spraying. I used normal car spray paint, nothing special, and used very light coats leaving 15 mins between them. when your primary colour is done leave it to thoroughly dry and mask the front up, same as before, nice light coats leaving 15 between them. The more coats you do the better the finish. Remove your tape and wait for it to dry, You'll then need to apply a few coats of lacquer. I removed my poly head and seated it on a stand, it can be worn however i only made it really as show peice. . . . . I hope this is a little helpful to anyone attempting there own. I'm in the process of making a war machine with red eyes and am also mid way through a batman bust so if this proves helpful to anyone i shall post the others. . . . . . ENJOY! 



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    Sorry just looked again and it says sorry!


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    Can u wear this?

    Thanks. I've entered it in something. . . Not sure what though lol

    I agree about the laser cutter contest! You can color me impressed! Nicely done!

    this is all foreign to me sorry, im not fantastic with computers and this site may aswell be written in spanish lol. Laser cutter contest?? . . . . i only really put it on here because a friend said it may help someone else.

    Oh, you *really* need to write a proper step-by-step instructable and enter it into the laser cutter contest!