Irwinner's Semi-Auto K'nex RBG ''mod''




Introduction: Irwinner's Semi-Auto K'nex RBG ''mod''

About: K'nex guns, TF2, and Valve games are what I like to build/play.

I randomly searched ''k'nex gun'' today, and this came up:
I really like this gun, so I decided to modify it. (irwinner, I hope you don't mind. If you don't want this on the site, I'll remove it).

 So, this is a ''double-barrel'' gun, though both wheels fire at the same time.
 So why ''mod''? It's not irwinner's gun with things attached or part changed, it's more of a gun inspired by irwinner's, though some of the concepts on the gun came from his gun.

I've 'fixed' the gun, it now works pretty decently with the right bands.
 Anyway, it has a true trigger, and can fire up to 16 bands at one time. At the time, though, I have 14, which is pretty close to its maximum.



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    Gahh! A semi auto RBG with the cog using yellow cons? I'm going to scream. The cog has to use green rods. See if you can handle that then. Then we will be pleased.

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    May i ask why? (not trying to be mean) Would it make the gun shoot better?

    I've tried it with green rods now, and the bands didn't go 2 feet in front of me :\

    Thats because the mech is made for yellow rods, and the barrel is nowhere near long enough for the bands to stretch out properly.

    you do mean gray rods instead of yellow, right?

    or, well, gray / white rods.

    I mean you need to lengthen the barrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you don't make barrels longer with rods! Argh!

    I fixed that.

    Good. Don't forget then.

    Yes, it would make it shoot so much better.

    Telling people how to make knex guns is just wrong. Maybe green rods don't catch on the trigger.

    yea the trigger mech i usually use use's white rods for cog then greens on the trigger.

    Don't be stupid, of course green rods will catch on the trigger. You are always bossing people around >:(............. :P

    Back in my early days of knexing, I was heavily interested in RBG's, sometimes when I put green rods on the white connectors, the green rods were not long enough to catch on the trigger.

    Then you need to remake the trigger.