A Pasta Drainer With Holes Anstagnation




Introduction: A Pasta Drainer With Holes Anstagnation

My first realization is the aswer to a requirement every time that a pasta drainer comes washed in the washer pottery.

Step 1:

The image shows what you usually find at the end of the washing.

Step 2:

the water's stagnation is bad because every time you take out of the washer pottery your drainer, you get bathed!!

Step 3:

holes in right position will permise a right flow of the water, so water and foods residual don't stop there

Step 4:

you can see what i've seid before in this image

Step 5:

in that image and in the next one you can see that there is no water in the drainer

Step 6:

Step 7:

I understand that he is simple ...but is useful!
Bye from torx... and at the next one!



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    Thank you peanutbutterancheese ,i hope my idea will are useful!

    This is a really great idea! Luckily, the pictures speak for themselves :)


    thank's Oroka! as you can see i've change my traslater, now i use my dauther!


    I'm sorry for my English, but I use a automatic traslater, and isn't so good.. I want to say that in the step 1 there's lot of water in the drainer, but if you see in the step 5 that water isn't there.. it goes out by the holes

    Im sorry, but your grammer and spelling is just so bad that I have no idea what the point of this instructible is. I mean, "Task that the image together to the successive one is speaking"... I don't know what that means.