It is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building

Picture of it is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building
it is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building
intro it is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building
this idea is truly revolutionary comparing to what i published before;it is friendly to nature...and saves sooooooooo much sun you know that we only use less than 10% of suns energy ..imagine what we can do if we got more energy from the sun we can transform it to electicity by (photo cells or photovoltaics)and use it in every aspect in our life....................Iam telling you all this idea worths so much and can make a revolution in our world,specially that we know that oil and gas will soon run you may wonder what is new about this idea??????
well,i designed (((( automatically moving to build an angle of 90 degrees with sun lights as the sun moves)))))small cells to be put on every bulding from the top or even used as decoration around the bulding..they will be flower imagine flowers moving with the sun to absorb its energy..not one but sooo many of them

Note:if you go on you will see a picture of the one i made.. it is great..........
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Step 1: Buy photovoltaics

Picture of buy photovoltaics
The ability to produce electricity directly from the sun's energy is a revolutionary development. The technology involved in the production of these silicon cells is complicated and the efficiencies are still not even close to those of thermal solar applications, but these unique energy devices are now seen in places as common as the yard (solar powered lights), the highways (solar powered traffic lights and sign lights), and of course the common calculator.

Photovoltaics is the direct conversion of light into electricity. Some materials exhibit a property, known as the photoelectric effect, that causes them to absorb photons of light and release electrons. When these free electrons are captured, an electric current results that can be used as electricity.although they are expensive but what a small coast to save mother earth!!!
crazy man6 years ago
jordo..if this isnt a new idea she wouldnt put it out in public..if you read books about it ,(and i think you havent for sure)you would realize that this is a new one and no one has done it yet..people have done smiliar stuff but not even exact and they werent MOVING photocells ....but this thought of moving ones is great coz it will absorb alot of light all the time big cheers for you is such a great idea I will vote and rate for you
Jordo crazy man6 years ago
I don't know if I understand, does this turn on an axis to follow the sun across the sky? If so yes they already exist. If you are talking about one that actually follows the sun on wheels, that would be kinda dumb, because it would have to travel really far and still have to run on the electricity it generates AND still be on a cable.
Jordo Jordo6 years ago
but I would love to see you turn this into a complete instructable
Kiteman6 years ago
Sorry, this isn't an instructable - it's an idea for a good instructable, but that's all.

Flagged as "incomplete".
bam2k56 years ago
it would have been a great idea when they first came up with it years ago.. just one type of unit in production.
keep on thinking you just might have the next new idea first....
Jordo6 years ago
Ummmmm, sorry to burst your bubble, but these already exist. "Many different varieties of tracking solar panel mounts are available. One-axis trackers stay at the same vertical angle, but rotate around the post to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. "