Picture of pengionic water dispenser
it's a pi-do!
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Step 1: It's a pido!

Picture of it's a pido!

pido: 'hello, i'm pido: pronounced p.i.-d.o. nice to meet you. i was made as a christmas present for a girl, now i....-
- yes, obviously i'm not like you. why? well, obviously because i'm pido!'

you: '...yeah, right. and what is a pido?'

pido: 'a pido is a pido. pido stands for pido. pido is what pido was made for. if i am pido, then i am pido.'

you: '............................'

pido: 'i will tell you how i was made, it all began....-'
you: '- short version, please?!'

pido: 'all right all right. i am pido!'

p - pengionic. because i am a penguin.
i - indoor. because i don't like rain and the i needed to stand for something.
d - drink. because i'm capable of giving you something to drink.
o - organizer. because i organize things (pretty awesome, huh?).

and because i am pido, i will
- give you something to drink when you want me to.
- hold your notes on my belly. (that sometimes tickles, hihi)
- hold a book for you, or a tablet with food.
- keep the things you like in my belly. (***yummy yummy yummy i got...cloths***, books and other stuff in my...***tummy***)
- be a guide for you when it is dark. (my eyes have superpowers, you know.)
and last but not least
- you can style my hair! awesome!


in this instructable you will learn how to built an awesome gift for your loved ones. you will learn how to built a pido.
but be careful, building a pido comes with great responsibility. such a gift must not be made for anyone!

also, building a pido can be quite complicated, see for yourself:

step 1: find a girl/ boy.
step 2: fall in love with her/ him.
step 3: built a pido.
step 4: be happy.

actually it's all about step 3, for the rest i'm going to refer you to...well....just hang in there mate!


all drawings where made with autodesk inventor student edition. i'm going to upload the files on request.

-- have fun with this instructable and feel free to ask questions. :)

lemonie1 year ago
How do you pronounce "Pido"?
If it sounds anything like "Paedo" then it's not good PR.

and it's got such a big, extruding water dispenser, tsk tsk
It might make some money in a Sci-Fi series or film.
Nice bit of work, but I would like to know how the name is supposed to sound.

antioch1 year ago
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