Itunes Remote


Introduction: Itunes Remote

This instructable will turn a Wiimote into a itunes/media player remote.
I did this because i wanted a cheap remote and all ready had a wiimote bluetoothed to my computer.
the things you need are
Bluetooth USB adapter

Step 1: Attach Wiimote

If you all ready have a wiimote sync to your computer you can skip this step.
to hook wiimote up to your computer. plug your bluetooth USB into your computer then open it up your bluetooth stack. click "new connection", click okay and press the 1+2 buttons on your wiimote. the when you've connected the wiimote's LEDS will keep flashing.

Step 2: PIE Time!!!

Open up a GlovePIE shell and copy and paste the code below = wiimote.A
key.Right = wiimote.Down
key.Left = wiimote.Up
key.Ctrl and key.up = wiimote.Plus
key.ctrl and key.down = wiimote.minus

Step 3: Run Everything

Run the GlovePIE script and open iTunes.
Test your controls if they work Kudos to youand your Geekery.



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    wow we must have the same mixed taste in music. i like a lot of those songs too!

    you could just use the wiimote as a mouse

    Instead of taking pictures of the computer screen, try getting a screen shot of itunes. (Print Screen/PrntScrn)

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    Thanks man i always wondered how to do that. that was really helpful