Jaffa Staff Weapon (stargate)(k'nex)

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Introduction: Jaffa Staff Weapon (stargate)(k'nex)

this is the all so well known weapon of the bad guys in Stargate.
this weapon is known for the opening and closing of the head piece when firing.
this creation is about 6 feet long and as all of you know k'nex starts to bend when it gets longer.
So i decided after making this to make it into the shorter version known as the Sodan staff weapon.
plus it was hard to find a good place to put it.
this creation does have the open/close feature on the head piece.



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amazing staff im an absoloute starg8 fanatic 7 starz

I am most likely to take it apart this fall break.

I am thinking about next making a franci spas 12 guage shotgun or p90 maybe, what i might make is a Good halo neddler. it looks like something i could make with some ease.

Really cool! You could make it a little more sturdy by making 4 long staff pieces (instead of just one) and joining them with green rods (see image. Circle is a white connector, rectangle a green rod). Btw, I am not really into stargate, but is this the thing the Prior of the Ori are carrying?

Four white conns.bmp

no it is the staff weapon of the jaffa, like the ori troop staff weapons, not prior staves.

Oh, btw, I rate this knex masterpiece a full 5 stars and I added it to my favs.