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Simple construction of a GO BOARD GAME made out of wood and buttons.

Material needed:
-30cmx30cm Plywood or cartboard 5mm thick
-  ~70 buttons black and 70 white

Tools needed:
-Dremel with a rooter


Step 1:

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-Draw the lines. Its a 11x11 board. Every small box should be 2,5cm
-Open the snicks with the rooter

Sandpaper the sourface until its smooth

Decorate with colours if you like(i prefered not)


and enjoy playing! 

watch out your fingers!! :)

Step 2:

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Here is the rules to play the game:


Dudemaster (author)2013-03-02

This is how I learnt Go:

Would highly recommend that tutorial to anyone - it's nearly as good as having a live teacher with you.

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