cardboard foam glue paint
YOU BOUGHT IT !!! YOU BOUGHT IT !!! <br>nah just joking, its a great costume, so i think i should say.. <br>GO SELL IT!!!
Cool costume... but is it supposed to be Jazz, the white Porsche? He was my favorite transformer... I can't see the resemblance.
This is movie Jazz, not the original Jazz. They changed the characters/cars mapping up for the movies.
<p>Very impressive, keep up.</p>
hshd ask s
hay I remember seeing you at bot con in the costume competition
Jazz: &quot;you want a piece of me&quot;<br><br>Megatron: &quot;No i want Two!&quot; (rips him in half.)<br><br>Neat costume. :)
Yup, cool.
thanks you see bumble bee ?
VERRRRRRRRRRY COOL,but if you can teach me how to make it will be aswome!
Nice job; i'm impressed !!
thanks i am working on bumble now it should be done in the next 4 to 5 months iam making it true to the move one so many parts to build ,will post pics soon
Really good Job you did there! I made Ratchet last year, but the G1 version. I was thinking of doing the movie version of Ironhide for next year. Hope to see you make another one!
bumble bee is the next onr it is going to look sick ! there is so much detail in this next ,
Yeah, this is the Transformers Movie Jazz, which was a Pontiac Solstice...
This must have taken a lot of careful cutting. You've got my vote.
yep it did took about 5 months to do and i an ready to do an other one starting it soon should be done in about 6 months will take progress pictures of the next one ,it is bumble bee
this is from the first movie , when he was ripped apart an died old school jazz was a porsche
Wow, that's incredible. Nice job!<br />
Well done on the costume! <br>I thought that Jazz was a Pontiac, @karossii? <br>At least in the recent movie. I also looked up a few pictures of him, again in said movie, seems the costume is spot on for cardboard and tape.
card board form paint and alot of glue

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