Introduction: Jelly Rolls

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a small treat just for you and your friends or family.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before making food.

Step 2: Ingredients

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Step 3: Bread

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lay out two peices of bread, side by side, on the plate.

Step 4: Butter

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open the butter. using the knife spread the butter on the peice of bread to your right. Put the lid back on the butter.

Step 5: Jelly

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open the jelly. using the knife spread the jelly on the peice of bread to the right. Close the lid on the jelly.

Step 6: One on the Other.

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lay the peice of bread to the left on top of the peice of bread to the right.

Step 7: Lines

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cut the bread into four/three lines using the knife.

Step 8: Paper

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fold the paper in half.

Step 9: the Flags

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on the fold draw flags and then cut the flags out.

Step 10: Toothpick and Tape

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slide the toothpicks inside the fold in the flag. tape th flag around the bottom to hold the toothpicks to the flags.

Step 11: Roll and Flag

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roll up the bread and stick your toothpick flag and stick it through the center of the roll.

Step 12: Serve and Enjoy

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Step 13: Heads Up

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the rolls do not always roll perfectly like the one in the pictures. (Remove toothpick before eating.) Enjoy!


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